8 Tips To Write An Essay About Someone Who Inspires You

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Essay writing is one of the most boring and time-consuming academic papers, but it’s impossible to graduate from school or college without writing an essay. However, it will be fair to say that 90% of students would want to find an opportunity to avoid facing this assignment at all, except for those having an aptitude for writing. If you got interested in this article, you are either a school or college student who wants to alleviate the academic burden and find some assistance. And you came to the right place.

Students hate essay writing because the topics professors give are usually too difficult. Moreover, when students are asked to select a topic for an essay on their own, they are far more disappointed. Therefore, if you need to write a paper about inspiring a person is rather a good situation. We understand that you may fail to complete a paper alone, so ask professionals to write an essay for cheap. is one of the few websites offering people an opportunity to alleviate their academic burden.

Sometimes it’s better to pay someone to do your assignment than to waste time and nerves on useless attempts to write an essay. However, if you feel you have enough skills and knowledge to finish this task alone, you can find some other assistance online; for example, you can use guides and tips. Today we’ll help you to craft an outstanding paper about your idol.

Tips On Essay Writing That’ll Help You Get an A-Grade

Well, you need to describe a person you like. It seems there’s nothing easier for a young person, but there are enough people who either don’t have idols or don’t understand how to write such a paper. However, we don’t believe that you don’t have a person that inspires you. It can be everyone: your friend, someone you know, a celebrity, a scientist, etc. That’s why before you start writing a paper, you need to carry out small research and decide whom you’ll devote your paper to.

The next important aspect to mention is the structure of your paper. No matter what essay you write: descriptive, narrative, or inspirational — it should follow the standard structure. Start with a captivating introduction, proceed with the main body with strong arguments, and finish with a good conclusion. Here are some tips you’d better use while writing your inspirational essay:

1. Understand what kind of person is inspiring
Since your professor asked you to write an essay about an inspiring person, you should find a really good example. That’s why the first thing you need to do is to define the qualities of an inspiring person. Such people have a set of different qualities: they believe in themselves, in people around them, are self-confident, and know what they’ll do tomorrow. In 90% of cases, inspiring personalities run a business that made them well-known. They also typically engage in extensive market research to better understand their target audience and competition. If you are looking to conduct market research for your own business or consider any business as an example, there are many resources available, including research for sale from reputable market research service. You may try to find out more about inspiring personalities on the Internet and compare your choice with the characteristics you’ll find. If everything matches, your choice is good.

2. Find a list of inspiring personalities
If you have no time to decide what person is inspiring for you, consider using the Internet. There are dozens of compilations of people who inspire the audience worldwide. Use Google to find it and choose any person from the list.

3. Create a set of questions to ask this person
Imagine that you’ll interview this inspirational man or woman, and you need to prepare for it. It’ll help you to create an extensive personality profile. Don’t forget to mention the person’s biography, background, early life, challenges they faced, the most famous accomplishments, and so on. Your interview (essay) should be interesting to read. Remember that these interview questions are necessary just to help you craft a good narration: you write an essay, not the interview.


4. It’s an essential stage in essay writing, so skipping it isn’t an option
Sit and try to create some cool and interesting ideas for writing an essay about an inspirational person. If you fail to do it alone, consider finding some examples on the Internet. There are many good essays on the Internet you may use to find inspiration: they are written by professional writers. Avoid copying the ideas you see: just read these papers, and they’ll inspire you to write your own outstanding essay.

5. Create the first draft
We already mentioned the proper essay structure, and you should follow it while creating the first draft. Be ready that this paper will differ from the final version — it will mean that you did much work on improving your paper. Write down the structure of your paper and specify the ideas you’ll mention in each part (intro, main body, and conclusion). A good outline is your best writing assistant. If you don’t know how the outline should look like, don’t be afraid to find it on the Internet.

6. Edit your draft
After you finish with your draft, put the paper away for some time and then look at it with fresh eyes. Read the paper till the end to find the sentences that need to be rephrased or eliminated. Perhaps you forgot to mention something important about this inspiring person — include the missing points to create a stunning essay. If you think that editing is a fast process, you’re wrong. You’ll need to reread and revise the paper a few times to make sure it’s finished.

7. Use a plagiarism checker
School and college essays shouldn’t be copy and pasted: professors carefully check each paper for plagiarism, and if you want to avoid misunderstanding with your professor — do it before submitting your paper. Use several free checkers and make sure your essay contains no plagiarism at all. Make screenshots of the results and send them to the teacher together with your paper.

8. Hire a proofreader.
If you doubt your editing skills, you can ask a professional proofreader to check your paper. is an academic writing service that also lets students hire experts to edit and proofread their papers. It’s impossible to be good at everything, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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As you see, writing an essay about the person inspiring you isn’t so difficult. Of course, there are some peculiarities we mentioned in this article, and if you’ll keep them in mind, your paper will be outstanding.

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