Top 10 Favourite Moments Of Zayn Malik

One Direction fans around the world are mourning Zayn Malik leaving the hottest band on earth right now. Although we are very sad to hear that Zayn will not continue with the band, we support his decision and respect his privacy. To remember the good times, we have compiled our top ten favourite moments of Zayn with his 1D boys.

10. Zayn Posts a Video of Him Dancing

Zayn dancing
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Directioners who have been a fan since the X Factor days will remember when Zayn refused to dance at boot camp. He was so nervous he didn’t even want to go on stage. That same Zayn, a couple of years later, posted a fun video of him and his friends dancing to Usher.

9. Zayn Saves Harry

Image result for zayn saves harry from fire
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When performing on tour Harry thought it would be a good idea to walk towards the fire with a towel on his head. Luckily Zayn Malik was there to save the day!

8. Zayn Dyes His Hair Blond

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Zayn is famously known for constantly switching up his hairstyle. A fan favourite would definitely have to be when he got a blond streak.

7. Zayn and Perrie Get Engaged

Zayn and Perrie just got engaged

One Direction fans were very excited for Zayn and his girlfriend when Perrie first showed off her wedding ring at the This Is Us premiere.

6. Zayn and Louis Prank The Band

Zayn and Louis prank one direction with pregnant woman
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Zayn and Louis teamed up to prank the rest of the band on Nickelodeon. They brought in an actress who pretended to go into labour. The boys quickly jumped into action to help her making for a great prank.

5. Vas Happenin?

Zayn saying vas happenin
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Zayn’s popular catch phrase “vas happenin?” will be remembered by fans forever.

4. Zayn Visits Africa

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Zayn and the band visited Africa for Red Nose Day to raise money for sick children. Zayn’s touching words urged fans to donate and help out.

3. Veronica

Zayn dressed as veronica best song ever
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In the “Best Song Ever” music video we saw Zayn dressed as the sexy secretary, Veronica.

2. High Notes

Zayn singing
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Zayn caused millions of girls to swoon at his incredible ability to hit every high note in One Direction’s songs.

1. Zayn Bought His Mom a House

Zayn on phone with mom after buying house
 Zayn's Mom in House
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Our number one favourite moment of Zayn Malik was when he used his fortunes to buy his family a house. The beautiful deed was caught on camera in the One Direction film This Is Us.

These are just a few of the many times Zayn Malik made us smile. His goofy personality and his need to help others will be missed tremendously by fans. We wish Zayn well and the best of luck in his future endeavors!

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