Top 5 Youngest Sibling Universal Truths


Whether your siblings are a year or ten years older, the youngest is (more or less) treated the same. We get the good, the bad and the ugly.

Here are the top 5 youngest sibling universals:

#1 The infamous hand-me-downs

We’ve all had them. When your older sister or brother grows out of their clothes, instead of throwing them out, they get passed down to you. For months, maybe even years, you end up rocking the rolled-up pants because they’re too long for you until you eventually grow into them.

#2 Everyone puts baby in the corner

The first child is the “guinea pig.” The middle child is the rule-breaker. But the youngest is always the baby. Parents will always see you as the precious, young thing that needs protection from the harsh ways of the world. From learning how to drive, to moving to college or even getting married, the comparison to that pink, bald, vulnerable newborn will stick with you for a lifetime. Get used to it now.

#3 Me? Spoiled?

You may not think you’re spoiled, but older siblings tell a different story. Since your parents see you as the baby (see above), the outside world believes they are putty in your hands and will give you absolutely anything. Maybe they throw you extravagant birthday parties with hundreds of presents and let you get away with almost everything, but in reality, you’re still the one in hand-me-downs.

#4 Eating at the kid’s table

We all know that table: the one where all the younger kids sit during family dinners so they don’t disturb the mature, adult conversations going on elsewhere. It may seem fun at first, getting to play around, telling jokes and drawing on the brown paper tablecloth. But once you’ve hit the ripe old age of thirteen and you’re still sitting at the table, something seems wrong. Oh, that’s right! You’re still the baby. Since the adult’s table is getting squishy, it is only fair for the younger kids to be volun-told as tributes to spend time with the nose-pickers.

#5 You were rarely in trouble

Your siblings have already gone through the troublemaking phase by the time you reach the age of rebellion. So when it’s your time to shine, or annoy, your parents really could not care less about punishing you. They know it is just a phase and that it would be a waste of time to punish you for back-talking. Now they know that you will turn out just fine. Minor hiccups here and there, like being sent your room (is that really a bad thing??), there will be no life-destroying punishments like getting your phone taken away.


No matter what order you were born in, as a whole, you and your siblings have a special bo nd no one can take from you.

April 10th is National Siblings Day. Take the time to celebrate with your next of kin.

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