Top Canadian Destinations: Nature, Culture, and Adventure

Canadian Destinations Rockies Mountain Nature
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A few great destinations to consider when planning a Canadian trip

Canada is a part of the world that is full of wonderful outdoor destinations. This is why it is hard to believe that, being the world’s second-largest country, it is one of the world’s most under-visited destinations. This country, North of America, has a fascinating history and natural beauty to experience. Unbeknownst to many, Canada has the world’s longest coastline. With over 150,000 miles of nature stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific, there is almost too much to choose from.

So, if you want to visit Canada any time soon, read on. We’ve listed some of the top destinations to visit. Also included are important things to consider, such as equipment you may need to organize and bring with you to tour Canada’s beautiful sites.

1. Historic Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

You can find it situated on the province’s South shore; Lunenburg is on the Fairhaven Peninsula, sitting on the west of Mahone Bay. This destination is easy to get to from Maine or other locations in New England. This area of Canada is great for those of you who want a nice place to stay but want to get out and live each day to the fullest in nature. The town’s unique culture and beautiful wilderness are ingredients for the perfect experience.

The Old Town in Lunenburg, a historical treasure, has so much to offer in terms of shops, galleries and great streets for wandering. If you are interested in fishing, there is the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, where you can learn more about the old town’s history in maritime. Nearby the town, you can also find a preserve called the Indian Falls. It is home to various walking and hiking trails, look-out points and a range of rocky beaches. You can pack a lunch and come and explore all that is to offer in the preserve and truly make a day of it!

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2. Lake Louise – Banff National Park, Alberta

Lake Louise can be found at Banff National Park. It is a glacier lake that is full of beautiful colours. If you are a first-time visitor to Canada, Banff National Park is a great place to explore its wonderful nature. Here, there is a perfect combination of modern amenities, unspoiled wilderness and the chance to be active whilst you explore.

Lake Louise is just one of the amazing stops that the park has to offer, and it is considered to be a true gem in the Canadian Rockies. This beautiful lake, known especially for its deep blue waters, is found at the base of an astounding glacier peak. In total, the lake is about 1.2 miles long and deep by 230 feet. If you are visiting in the summer months, the lake offers a paddling experience. But come wintertime – join in on one of the most scenic skating rinks. Rain or shine, there are so many activities to do here. From hiking, hiring a private jet charter to tour the park from the air, horseback riding, skiing or white-water rafting – the outdoor and adventure possibilities are endless.

Canadian Destinations Rockies Mountain Nature
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3. Big Muddy Badlands & the Outlaw Trail – Saskatchewan

If you are looking for a unique experience in a desert landscape, then you should head north of Montana to the Big Muddy Badlands of Saskatchewan. Here, you will find nature’s own beautiful architecture of buttes and caves, giving you the feeling that you’re exploring the Wild West. Right in the heart and soul of Big Muddy, you will find Castle Butte. This is a cherished relic dating back to the Ice Age. It is 230 feet tall and has served as a beloved landmark to First Nations people and early settlers. Big Muddy represents and encompasses centuries’ worth of history, with even a large part of it still untold. As you explore, evidence supports that early life was found there from ancient buffalo jumps, ceremonial circles and stone effigies. For those of you especially interested in history, you’ll need to see this.

4. Auyuittuq National Park – Nunavut

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Come and marvel at the jagged and beautiful granite mountains found in Auyuittuq National Park – where polar sea ice and glaciers meet. This park is located in the Eastern Arctic, with huge peaks, including the Penny Ice Cap, Akshayuk and Canadian Shield. The park was first established in 1972, and its name means ‘land that never melts.’ You can do various activities such as hiking, skiing, climbing, and so much more. Enjoy some of the wildlife you might spot as you explore. Here, there are eight species of mammals in the terrestrial, six marine mammals, over 18 different kinds of birds, and 13 species of fish recorded in this national park. This spot really is the perfect combination of everything you could want from an adventure – beauty, activity and nature!

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