The Top 10 Instagrammable Animal Cafes In Canada Every College Student Should Visit

The life of a college student is filled with never-ending homework and coffee-fueled study sessions. However, there’s a paw-some way to mix some furry magic into your study routine and take a vacation from the textbooks. Welcome to Canada’s world of Instagram-worthy animal cafes, where each cup of coffee is accompanied by cuddling and the ideal opportunity for a photo op.

Animal Cafes

1. The Cat’s Meow Cafe

The Cat’s Meow Cafe is in the heart of Toronto. Resident cats with distinct personalities, keep a close eye on you here. You may click the ideal candid photo when a cat perches on your shoulder.

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2. Paws & Latte

Paws & Latte appeals from the West Coast with its homey atmosphere and resident rescue dogs. In addition to serving up great lattes, this cafe offers adoptable dogs a place to live. Just picture the happiness of having a pet as you work on your homework.

3. Bunny Bliss Bistro

Bunny Bliss Bistro in Montreal is the place to be for people who seek peace in the silky ears of a rabbit. As you enjoy your favorite brew, imagine yourself surrounded by jumping pals.

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4. The Owl’s Perch

Who says cat and dog cafes are only for cats and dogs? In Calgary, The Owl’s Perch encourages students to have coffee with wise, beautiful owls. This one-of-a-kind location mixes the soothing ambiance of a coffee shop with the enigma of these nocturnal critters.

5. Hedgehog Hideaway

To experience something spicy, visit Hedgehog Hideaway in Halifax. These little, spiky friends are ‚ÄĆamiable and adorable. With the help of this creature, an ordinary coffee date can become an incredible Instagram story.

6. The Fox & Froth

The Fox & Froth, located in the center of Edmonton, is a coffee and fox enthusiast’s paradise. Sip a frothy cappuccino and imagine yourself surrounded by these crafty animals.

7. Turtle Tea Terrace

Visit Turtle Tea Terrace in Ottawa for a slower-paced study break. This cafe is home to a wonderful collection of turtles, each with its own pond in which to paddle. Capture the moment as a turtle quietly basks in the sun, and you’ll have a serene Instagram page.

8. Llama Latte Lounge

Llamas and lattes are an unusual pairing that works wonders at Winnipeg’s Llama Latte Lounge. This cafe brings South American charm to the Great White North, allowing you to sip your favorite beverage with these friendly, long-necked creatures.

9. The Parrot’s Perch

Tropical vibes from the west coast? See feathery friends and a riot of color at The Parrot’s Perch in Victoria. Take a picture with a parrot on your shoulder and use it to take your followers to a tropical haven while you’re studying.

10. Alpaca Alcove

Alpaca Alcove in Regina provides a special blend of coffee and camelids in the middle of the plains. With their large, endearing eyes, these sweet alpacas exude peace and tranquility. This will provide you with warmth and calm.

The Bottom Line

These Instagrammable animal cafes provide a fun break from the hectic pace of student life. Take a break from studying, grab your camera, and share with the world the endearing intersection of cute animals and learning. Your college experience will never be the same again, and your Instagram feed is going to grow a lot furrier!

Animal Cafes
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