Top Suggestions For Your Next Trip To Canada

banff national park

With the summer sun about to rise on a world ready to put years of travel restrictions behind it, now is a great time to plan a vacation. And Canada happens to be full of places that will take your breath away. It contains the best of many worlds. There are parks galore with majestic mountains and pristine lakes, museums that document the history of many peoples that make up the populace, bustling cities with one-of-a-kind landmarks, and more. Canada, massive as it is, has a never ending supply of destinations guaranteed to thrill.

And with the summer anticipating a decrease in COVID cases and restored freedom of travel, there’s going to be more to do than ever. Check out the best ways to find entertainment while you’re in Canada.

Nature From Sea To Mountain

tofino Vancouver island

The giant Canadian landmass is chock full of national and provincial parks. One of these contains the length of the Rocky Mountains. Others have lush forests that teem with unique wildlife. There’s also an island town called Tofino that offers the perfect surf getaway. Whatever your passion is, as long as you love the outdoors, you’ll find it in Canada.

For a more controlled experience, Niagara Falls is a classic first stop if you’re driving to Canada from New York in the United States. You can stop and take in the majesty of the falls and even get closer with a boat tour. Certain tours are known to take you behind the falls to see what lies hidden in the famous natural wonder.

City Living – Tall Towers And High Stakes

If you want to ascend the highest heights without braving a mountain, travel to the top of the CN Tower in Toronto. It is the tallest building in the western hemisphere (take that America) and provides a 360 degree view of the surrounding area. You can even walk along the edge with a safety harness if you really want to feel like Spider-Man. For a more relaxed way to take in the view, there’s a rotating restaurant that offers window seating.

For thrills of the nonphysical kind, you can try one of Ontario’s many casinos. Ontario has legalized gambling run by both government and private operators, offering table games, slots, and sports betting. With further relaxation of restrictions in Ontario, residents will enjoy options of online casinos and sports betting apps. These websites and apps let you play casual games like slots and bet on live sporting events.

In the online casinos, you can take on live video poker at different amounts of buy-in. Each online casino offers different styles of slots and even rewards programs for the truly dedicated users. Online gambling is a very popular and growing trend in the US right now, and Canadians seem to be just as excited to try their hand.

History – From Ancient Paintings To Stately Traditions

McGinnis Lake Petroglyph Park

The Petroglyphs Provincial Park is unique from other provincial parks in that it has more than just hiking trails and lakes. One cave near the entrance has hundreds-year-old Aboriginal rock carvings that are still mostly intact. Visitors can see them up close and learn about their meanings from nearby exhibits.

parliament hill ottawa

Meanwhile, at Ottawa’s Parliament Hill, you can take in architecture that dates back to the 1800s. The European-style building has a tall Peace Tower that looks like Big Ben. The government still meets in this Parliament Building, but it also offers public tours. If you happen to visit during the warm months, you’ll find a special event near the Centennial Flame in front of the Hall. Every day, soldiers perform a changing of the guard ceremony in front of the Flame.

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