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Top 5 Summer Dress Styling Tips

During those last few crisp weeks of spring, summer can seem like it is a million miles away, with little to no hope of shedding one season’s wardrobe for the next – but before you know it, summer arrives in truly dramatic style.

A woman’s summer wardrobe is one of her most prized possessions, and for good reason. Summer is the perfect season for curating outfits worthy of compliments and gasps from your adoring audience. Okay, maybe that last part was a touch too far, but when in Rome, right?

Dressing in summer is a game of sophistication and breathable fabrics. Nothing says summer quite like a dress, but the question then becomes how to style it. Below are the top five tips for doing just that this summer:

1. Sneakers

The quickest way to take any dress and turn it into something gorgeously casual is to pair it with your favorite sneakers.

Pop on a denim jacket and a practical backpack for an outfit that does not require much in the way of fanciness but is beautifully breezy. Perfect for days spent walking around with your friends, shopping, or even going on a lunch date.

2. Earrings

Statement earrings are the perfect addition to any outfit, but especially to one involving a dress!

Statement earrings are perfect for taking an outfit from casual and low-key, to unique in the blink of an eye. Choose earrings that are bold and quirky for an extra element of fun.

Keep things exciting by choosing a pair that does not have to necessarily match – that is entirely up to you.

3. White Tees

The cutest additions to the closet this season are summer mini dresses.

Make a strappy slip dress more office-appropriate by pairing it with a simple white t-shirt. You do not need to overthink anything here, this was a popular trick used by loads of women in the 1990s – and we all know that women knew a thing or two about fashion, even back then.

Wear your favorite slip dress over a white tee and pop on some casual sneakers to keep the look effortlessly cool.

4. Statement Heels

For a more elegant outfit in an instant, add a thick statement heel to your summer dress of choice.

Sneakers cannot dominate outfits the entire season – occasionally, a pair of standout heels must be at the center of your look. If you are feeling adventurous, add a flair of drama with some celeb-worthy sunglasses – the bigger, the better.

5. Crossbody Bags

cross-body handbag

Apart from being wonderfully comfortable to wear, crossbody bags are all the rage in summer.

They are perfect for bringing your summer outfit together, making moving around a cinch, and helping to keep your belongings safe as you navigate your way around the city.

Next time you are looking for the perfect accessory to complete your summer outfit, look no further than the chic style of a crossbody bag.

To End

Apart from the five summer must-haves above, nude sandals and basket bags deserve an honorable mention this season. They are great for polishing a look perfectly without being overly casual.

No matter how you style your summer outfits, make sure you are comfortable wearing them – confidence is the key to pulling off wearing any outfit, no matter how adventurous.

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