Toronto’s Bedouin Soundclash Success Keeps On Rolling

Bedouin Soundclash

Bedouin Soundclash is on a roll. Coming off winning a Juno Award in 2006 for Best New Group, the trio of Jay Malinowski (guitar, vocals), Eon Sinclair (bass) and Pat Pengelly, returned in 2007 with their sophomore reggae rock effort, Street Gospels.

“I’m excited to know that things are changing and that we are evolving,” explains Sinclair about Bedouin’s evolving, more structured sound.

Since experiencing a burst in popularity after their track “When The Night Feels My Song” hit the radio, Sinclair largely credits his band’s strong belief and passion for the music they make as the main factor for their successful rise. With Street Gospels packing an extra-catchy punch, it’s no wonder they’ve garnered continued attention.

“If you’re doing something genuine that has appeal, somebody somewhere will feel it every time,” says Sinclair. “That’s all you need as a small catalyst to motivate somebody to spread the word.”

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