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4 Toronto Date Night Ideas For The Eco-Conscious Couple

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Going green is a fundamentally romantic gesture, when you think about it. It’s an investment in a better world – a tangible, radical act of care that’s built on respect and responsibility. In short: it’s a good look on a partner!

Perhaps that’s why “green dating” or “eco-conscious dating” has taken off in popularity recently, heralding a slew of new eco-focused dating apps. As more people worry about preserving the environment, they want to find partners who share a similar sensibility and philosophy.

Luckily, Toronto offers couples several opportunities for an eco-friendly date night. Whether it’s a first date or 500th date, here are a few ideas for a romantically green evening in The Six.

Take an (Invasive-Pulling) Stroll Through High Park

A stroll through High Park is one of Toronto’s quintessential date activities. Especially in spring, when the cherry blossoms emerge, you can find throngs of couples soaking in the pink and green hues of Toronto’s biggest park.

There’s nothing wrong with a walk in the park. In fact, it’s a pretty great zero-emission activity for a date. But if you want to go the extra mile, turn your stroll into a habitat-helping “pulling” expedition. Invasive species like European buckthorn and dog-strangling vine threaten the local ecosystem at Toronto’s favourite park, which is home to countless native plant and animal species. Local park stewards meet every other Sunday to pull these invasive species, minimizing disturbances to the local habitat. These invasive-pulling expeditions can be an excellent way to start your next date!

Enjoy Delicious Vegan Comfort Food at Parka

After a tour around one of Toronto’s lush parks, settle in for some comforting, exciting vegan food at Parka. A stone’s throw from Alexandra Park, near Spadina and Queen, Parka is the perfect dinner spot for a downtown date. Its bright, lush, and playful interior matches the food, which is a delicate balance of exciting and homey.

Parka’s commitment to sourcing local produce and engaging in sustainable agriculture are a key part of their foundation as an impactful and innovative vegan restaurant for locals and visitors to the city to enjoy. Split comfort classics like Mac n’ cashew cheese and cauliflower wings. Or tuck into creative salad bowls and satisfying plant-based burgers.

With a holistic approach to sustainability, including a new glass jar return and reusable container program, Parka is a must for any date night.

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Grab a Bottle of Local Niagara Wine

No date is complete without a beverage of some kind. If you and your date are the wine-loving type, keep it local with a glass of Niagara wine.

Imported wines have to move along several supply chain steps to arrive in Toronto, including carbon-heavy cargo ships and transport trucks. By contrast, Niagara wine just has to travel a few short hours to get here. For Nagara wine with a cause, try Magnotta’s Venture Series, whose proceeds go towards vector-borne disease research.

Support the Local Transit Home

According to the Star, post-pandemic recovery may be led by cars, as fewer people take the local TTC in favour of personal vehicles or rideshare apps. If you’re finishing a green date night in Toronto and need to get home, consider throwing your support behind the local transit. As every Torontonian knows, the TTC isn’t perfect – but it’s better for the environment than rideshares, taxis and personal cars.

Next time you and your (perhaps soon-to-be) partner hit Toronto for a date night, keep these eco-conscious ideas in mind.

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