Meet Toronto Punk Rebels Die Mannequin

Die Mannequin

If you’re tired of Britney wannabes, Toronto trio Die Mannequin is the perfect antidote.

Frontwoman Care Failure is the epitome of a rockstar—her high-energy performances combined with crazy songwriting skills are bringing about a revolution in punk music.

Plucked from the streets of Toronto at the age of 17, she says her years of hard living made her what she is today. “It was almost glamorous in that weird punk rock way,” she tells Faze.

Their newest CD release, Fino + Bleed, comes with a DVD documentary of the band as they created the album. With gritty guitar lines and near-screaming vocals, Die Mannequin’s music is nothing, if not intense—but that’s exactly what they were going for.

“Everything is me, true and true,” says Care. “What the record label considers a good song and what we consider great music do sometimes clash, so you’re walking this line. I really wanted to shred that line and just do what I wanted to do.”

With a group this passionate about their music, you can be sure they will rise to the top. The band’s view on success is simple: “If you can be happy with what you’re doing, keep your integrity while you’re at it and pay your rent, then you are a success.”

Here’s Die Mannequin song “Start It Up”

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