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A Total “ECLIPSE” Of My Heart

The much anticipated ECLIPSE, the next film in the “Twilight” saga can be yours to own on DVD and Blu-Ray December 4th.


Twi-harts everywhere are no doubt rejoicing over the end of their wait. I can already see the line-ups at midnight to snatch their own copy of this third installment in the series for their prized collection.

But if the date in your calendar hasn’t been marked for this release for the past few months, you might want to take note. A bunch of really cool behind the scenes elements are included on the home version that you’re not going to find anywhere else.


Our Top 3:

1) Based on your preference for Team Jacob or Team Edward, a special feature allows you to jump to all of their scenes throughout the film…just in case you can’t get enough.

2) Deleted and extended scenes that didn’t make it into the original cut, with optional commentary from director David Slade–always very cool.

Kristen Stewart and director David Slade talk between scenes in Eclipse

3) A 6-part documentary documentary on the creation of ECLIPSE. A full 90 minutes, this doc is by far the best part of the special features and takes you through all of the different elements that went into the film: from the cast of characters (you get to see a lot of Taylor Lautner, dubbed, “Taylor Time”), the sets (building the entire Cullen house inside a studio) and, my favourite, the ins and outs of the stunts and visual effects (the amount of work that goes in to just ONE scene in the movie…CRAZY!!!).



The first reader to email us with the subject line TOTAL ECLIPSE OF MY HEART will be the proud owner of an official ECLIPSE standee–what better to watch your favourite film than with life-size Bella, Edward and Jacob?!?!
(Contest closed)


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Photos provided by E1 Entertainment.

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