Faze Talks To Train About Their Runaway Success Story


They started off performing in coffee houses in the mid-90s. The coffee houses turned into small venues and those small venues turned into opening slots on major tours. Now, they are headlining their own sold out shows and collecting awards. They are Train.

It has been a busy three years for Train as they have travelled the U.S. many times while performing on bills with the Dave Matthews Band, Ben Folds Five, and Collective Soul. In addition, they toured Australia, released a very successful self-titled album in 1998 and sold more than one million records. “A few years ago, we would have thought that having a platinum album was success,” surmises guitarist Hotchkiss, “but we keep raising the bar.”

According to lead singer, Pat Monahan, “You reach a point where you have to admit that this is as far as you’re going to take an album, and it’s time to go back to the studio and write more songs.” Back to the studio they went and Drops of Jupiter was recorded in six weeks at Atlanta’s Southern Tracks Studio.


“We’re really proud of this album,” says Monahan. “After years on the road, supporting an album that we wrote so long ago, we were obviously excited about getting a bunch of new material out there. But beyond that, these songs just have a quality about them. Our song-writing, our relationships, our ability to get our thoughts into songs–all that got stronger after playing in front of a live audience for so many nights.”

In the summer of 1999 you may have heard “Meet Virginia” playing on the radio, or seen its video (starring model Rebecca Gayheart). This was when things really started to pick up for the band.

“The peak moment was when we played this radio show in Philadelphia that summer,” recalls Monahan. “We were on after some band I’d never heard of, and before Sean Lennon. Just as we’re backstage waiting to go on, we hear thousands of people rushing the stage and chanting, ‘Train, Train, Train!’ We sort of knew that there was this swelling fan base around the country, but until we had the hit on the radio, we didn’t get to see it in such a ravenous way. That was such a high.”

Train has certainly arrived.


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Here is Train’s video for Meet Virginia from 2012 on Letterman

Photos courtesy of Sony Music Canada. Photographer: Ralf Strathman.


Written by  Faze intern Jesse Wachter

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