6 Amazing Travel Photographers To Follow On Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographers

In the mood for some travelling inspo? These travel photographers will have you lacing up your boots, ready to hit the road.

We all need something to look forward to, adventures on the horizon to get excited about, and these Instagram accounts are great as a reminder that there’s a huge world out there to explore and that it’s possible to see amazing things no matter where you are.

1. Jon Sinclair: @sinclair_photo

His account features gorgeous shots of the Canadian landscape that just never gets old to look at — still lakes, hiking trails, sublime mountains, and endless trees. You’ll definitely want to take a trip out west after seeing the wild and beautiful terrain captured in Sinclair’s photos.

2. Sangeeta Dey: @sangeetadeyphotography

With stunning landscape views that make our world look truly magical, Dey has made the world seem huge again; full of mystery and beauty. She’s definitely someone to follow if you want to feel reinvigorated about life and the natural wonder of our planet.

3. Konsta Punkka: @kpunkka

Punkka has hauntingly beautiful images that will stay with you long after you’ve put your phone down. The nature and animals he captures with his photos make you long to be in the wilderness. The colours are dark and deep, with life vividly shown in each shot.

4. Sean Scott: @seanscottphotography

With a huge range of shots from wildlife to underwater views and crashing waves, Scott’s got a knack for showing the breadth of life existing all around us. He sees the stars stretching across the sky and the turtles floating through the sea and it’ll make you want to head outside and explore.

Indian Ocean magic. The storms and the light over here’s something else. @ontheroadwithsean

A photo posted by Nature | Ocean | Wildlife (@seanscottphotography) on

5. Anthony Castro: @anthonys.adventure

These green trails, waterfalls, and unbelievable mountain views will inspire you to put on some gear and go out for a hike just like Castro. Each of his photos are a reminder that life is for living; get outside, do what you love, and don’t hold back.

6. Cody Nelson: @cody_the_nelson

His ability to capture the expansive and enduring spirit of mountains is breathtaking. You can practically taste the fresh air looking at the view through his lens. Nelson’s photos are a reminder that visiting nature will always hold unbelievable wonder and endless surprises.

Here’s that spot that everyone goes to at Johnston Canyon. Old shot from last year. 2015 was fun. ===========

A photo posted by Cody Nelson (@cody_the_nelson) on

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