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Trending Vintage Glasses For Your Modern-Day Fashion Needs

It is rightly said that history repeats itself. The same applies when we talk about eyeglasses. And the tending vintage glasses are a testimony to this. There are certain vintage styles that always find a way to make it to the trending list and just never go outdated.

If you too have a liking for vintage stuff, here are some of the trending styles for vintage glasses that fall comfortably into the category of fashion glasses for men and women.

Round Glasses

vintage glasses classic looks

The most simple geometric shape, when applied to glasses, becomes a sensation. Round glasses have been there for a long time now – probably since glasses were born – and they have never failed to disappoint the audience who have looked to upgrade their style from time to time.

You can go for the ones in metal frames to add a solid and decent look, or even keep it funky with the oversized frames. These retro styles are perfect for those with angular facial features and suitable for all occasions.

Tortoiseshell Frames

For a contrasting touch to your glasses, tortoiseshell frames are a wonderful option. It is natural and raw, ideal for someone who doesn’t wish to complicate things. With the success of this style, there are many patterns available today, apart from the basic brown and yellow ones.

Further, there is not only one but multiple tortoiseshell frames for every occasion. Tortoiseshell glasses are truly an all-occasion eyewear. Put them and you will make heads turn wherever you go.

Cat-eye Glasses

vintage glasses classic looks

When the talk is about vintage glasses frames that are trending, we just can’t miss out on the cat-eye styles. These glasses have been there for a long time now and have never failed to impress glasses wearers.

The out-of-the-box angularity, with the classical upswept ends, is what makes these glasses a true gem. Cat-eye glasses exhibit sharpness and are brilliant when it comes to ladies.

Rectangular Glasses

A basic style filled with elegance! Rectangular glasses make styling your glasses effortless. There are lots of variations in the rectangular style, which provides you with a large range of options to choose from.

Being an angular style, these glasses are ideal to balance out the soft features of round face shapes. Although there is no restriction here, these styles look amazing on all face shapes.


vintage glasses classic looks

Aviators were actually designed for male pilots, but who would have imagined it would go on to become one of the most loved styles of all time.

Well, if you thought that the iconic black aviator sunglasses are the only trending pairs, you might actually be wrong. These days, the clear aviator glasses are also selling like hotcakes.

Styling your aviators as per the occasions is also effortless as there are multiple pairs of aviator glasses for each occasion. The classic teardrop structure of the aviators ensure that they look good on all face shapes.

Metal Frame Glasses

The sleek metal frames are all that you need to add a touch of sophistication to your physical appearance. Metal frame glasses have been around for a very long time and have never ceased to unfurl their magic.

By accompanying them with round glasses, the retro component reaches a different level altogether. Apart from the stylish side, there is a lot more to metal frame glasses. Metal frames are sturdy and this is what makes them very durable.

You can wear metal frame glasses to all occasions, but they are great for something professional such as your office. Their slim and glossy structure holds an amazing ability to enhance your facial features.

Oversized Glasses

vintage glasses classic looks

Looking for a pair of vintage spectacles that have an element of fun? Oversized glasses are your way to go. Every now and then, you will notice famous style icons donning these pairs, and a portion of their popularity can be owed to these people .

Put on a pair of oversized glasses at a pub, and you will never have to rely on your dance moves to make an impression. They are also great to match the breezy vibes of the beach. For decent setups such as an office, you can try out the oversized glasses with metal frames.

Now that you know the trending vintage glasses styles and have made up your mind to add them to your wardrobe, go ahead and make the much needed purchase. However, if you are still confused, you can look for vintage glasses over the online medium to get a fair idea about their style quotient.

You can even buy glasses online at attractive prices. If you are in need of an emergency pair, try out same day glasses so that you can have them with you the next day after you have placed the order.

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