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The Many Types Of Wrongful Death Negligence

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Having a loved one pass away due to the negligence of others is a horrible thing to experience. Not only are you losing someone that you love and cherish, but you are also saddled with the knowledge that had someone else done something different then death could have been avoided entirely. When a loved one dies from negligence, you likely will seek restitution from the negligent party. There are many types of wrongful death negligence, and all of them will likely require you to get in contact with a wrongful death law firm. If any of these situations happened to one of your loved ones, then you should take swift legal action. 

Medical Malpractice

One of the most common forms of wrongful death from negligence is medical malpractice. Doctors and nurses are trained to give patients the care they need, but sometimes that doesn’t always happen. In some scenarios, the decisions of a doctor can actually lead to a patient dying. For example, a surgical error could lead to a patient’s death. Other common forms of medical malpractice include gross misdiagnosis and prescribing harmful medicine. If a doctor directly caused a patient to die or if their incompetence led to an unnecessary death, then you could have a wrongful death suit on your hands.  

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Auto Accidents

Another very common type of wrongful death stems from auto accidents. Although not all auto accident deaths can be considered wrongful death, those that involve a negligent driver could be. For example, a driver that is operating a vehicle under the influence and kills someone in an auto accident could be considered a wrongful death caused by negligence. Other types of negligent auto deaths include drivers who are distracted by their phones and drivers who are speeding way over the speed limit. If death from an auto accident stems from the negligence of another driver, then it’s probably considered a wrongful death.

Work Accidents

There are many jobs in the world that are quite risky to pull off. For example, many workers have to operate dangerous heavy equipment or work in dangerous situations. Your employer is supposed to have measures in place to keep you safe, as the safety of workers should be their first priority. However, some employers cut corners and don’t have the proper safety measures in place, resulting in fatal workplace accidents. If a fatal accident occurs at work and an employer could have prevented it with proper safety measures, then the employer could be considered negligent and responsible for wrongful death.

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Defective Products

If a person dies as a result of a defective product, then the maker of that product could be considered liable for the wrongful death. Products are meant to be safe for use and should be tested strictly to ensure that they are safe for the public. For example, if the brakes in a certain model of car are known to not work and those brakes cause death, then the car manufacturer could be considered negligent due to a lack of thorough product testing.

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