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Unique 21st Birthday Present Ideas

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Someone special in your life is just about to turn 21 and you are looking for the perfect present for them. This may be the last birthday they will actually look forward to, so you should get them something that they will remember forever. Here are a few ideas for the perfect gift to get a brand new adult.


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Let’s face it, when a person turns 21, they will almost always celebrate by going out and enjoying their first legal drink. A basket with 21 shots of the very finest liquor is the perfect birthday present. It will not be too expensive and will let the birthday person sample all the different treats they can now legally enjoy. A bartending class or a bottle of fancy liquor such as ouzo are also great gifts along the same theme.

A Custom Made Gift

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If you want a truly unique gift, you can always make the person a customized article of clothing or a novelty Item. You can put an inspirational or sarcastic remark on a T-shirt.

Does the person have a favorite film? You can put a quote from the movie on a shirt or simply a quote from a coming-of-age movie. You can get them a hat with their birthday or simply the number 21 embroidered on it.

There are plenty of shirt ideas for 2021 for a person who is turning 21. You can create a millennium-themed shirt. If you can find a picture of them as a baby, you can put that on a blanket or jacket. You can also make a shirt or mug with their favorite motto or a picture of their favorite pet.

You can create these gifts on a website that offers on-demand printing. You will simply go on the website and upload a design or type the words you want to appear on the item of your choice. They will ship it out to you or the birthday person.

A Memory Basket

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You have seen birthday cards featuring things that were popular in the year of a person’s birth. Why not make them a basket of things that were popular then. If the person was born in 2000, you could get them a copy of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” the top movie in the United States, or “The Whole Nine Yards,” the top movie in Canada that year. You can make them a mixtape of the most popular songs. You can also get them some millennial New Years’ Eve bling and a newspaper from the day they were born.

If you don’t want to limit your gifts to things that were popular before the person of the hour was old enough to enjoy them, you can simply pick one item that was popular from each year that they have been alive. You might get them the most popular beverage from 2010 and the most popular album from 2011 and so forth.

The 21st birthday is something a person should never forget. Getting someone a great gift will not only make your friend happy, but it will make you live in their memory forever. When your birthday rolls around, you may be pleasantly surprised by them.

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