Untamed: Selling the Band (And Some Nail Polish)

Untamed: Kimberly Moffit, Alithea Waters, Daniella Waters

Rock Hard NailsMost of you may not have heard of the all-girl trio, Untamed, but they already have snagged an endorsement deal with the US-based Rock Hard Cosmetics as spokesmodels for a brand new shade of nail colour.

Untamed consists of sisters Alithea Waters, 18, Daniella Waters, 15, both from Toronto and Kimberly Moffit, 19, of Guelph, Ontario. “Finding out about our upcoming nail colour from Rock Hard was a great experience and it we loved our colour when we saw it,” says Daniella. Their colour, a soft hot pink with purple fluorescent shimmers, perfectly suits the girls and is aptly called “Untamed.”

But how does an up-and-coming Canadian all-girl band get noticed by an American company that traditionally aligns themselves with already established recording artists?

“It may seem like things are happening so quickly, but these young ladies have been working on their careers for quite some time,” says Untamed manager Lindsay Guion of G-Force Entertainment/Los Angeles. “They are on the verge of signing a major international recording deal and they’ve been doing a series of shows and promotional stops. So, it’s not difficult to see that these ladies are going to be huge.”

There is a buzz across Canada and the States as these girls are practically everywhere promoting their exploding pop hit “You’re Not Gonna Score” from their debut album Go All Out, which has just been released to stores in Canada by D.E.P. on the Kick Ass Records label. Untamed recently performed in Hawaii at an event sponsored by Sassy Magazine and have stops scheduled for Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

“We’re really excited about all that has been happening,” says Alithea. “The song is taking off and it’s great to see that people from all over are starting to respond to our music.”

Rock Hard Nails has been seeking talent around the globe for its celebrity line. Their products represent hip, fresh images with a fun-loving spirit, with cool names like Merengue, Disco New Wave and Hard Rock.

Eventually, the Untamed buzz got to Rock Hard Cosmetic founder and make-up artist Alison Padavan’s office in New York. “Rock Hard was very impressed with Untamed. After speaking to the girls directly, we were totally sold by their enthusiasm and positive attitude and we are very excited to be working with them,” Padavan says.

Untamed: Kimberly Moffit, Alithea Waters, Daniella Waters

Followup: Oops…well, a couple years down the road and band Untamed is no longer around (and their website is closed), yet another victim of the fickle and cruel world of pop music. AND…a bit more surprising, Rock Hard Nails is also out of business, and their domain up for sale.

Untamed: Kimberly Moffit, Alithea Waters, Daniella Waters

Written for Faze by David A. Mitchell

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