Who’s Up For Some Goodtimes, The Band?

Disclaimer, I may be biased because I know them, but…

Two Words: RAW TALENT.

Goodtimes the band

On November 7th, the members of a new band called Goodtimes took the stage at Dominion on Queen. The pub was packed wall to wall with friends, family and fans of 15-year-old Jesse Gold (vocalist and guitarist), 16-year-old JP Saxe (vocalist and pianist) and 16-year-old Jack Emblem (drummer). Unfortunately, Jack was ill and so a very proficient replacement drummer, Wen-Hoo Lul, filled in.

Goodtimes the band

Jesse, JP and Jack have all been dedicated musicians for the past 12 years. The three young virtuosos have been playing and writing music together since the beginning of last year. Their sound is both fresh and captivating; their lyrics both intelligent and inspiring. When asked where they draw their musical inspiration from they replied, “intense emotions and real-life situations.” Besides composing their own stuff, the trio also enjoys performing cover songs for hits such as Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” and Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” Goodtimes is a combination of alternative rock, pop, blues and soul—Coldplay meets Maroon 5.

Goodtimes the band

Jesse, JP and Jack are involved with Free the Children (a foundation focused on providing less fortunate children around the globe with education and clean drinking water). Last March, JP had the incredible opportunity to travel to Kenya with the Me to We program (part of Free the Children), to build schools and water projects, returning home, “as inspired as you can possibly be.” He now wants to share his experience with as many people as possible, pairing up with Degrassi’s Raymond Ablack, who shared his own heart felt story during the intermission at the Goodtimes concert. Jesse, JP and Jack’s November 7th concert raised a whopping $1000 for Free the Children.

These young performers aren’t just about entertaining; they are about leading by example to encourage other teens to help make a change in the world. So, what do they hope for in the future? “We hope to play together for as long as we can. The bigger we get the more of a difference we can make.

Goodtimes the band
Goodtimes the band

Written by Faze intern, Heidi Filici

Followup: Had trouble recently tracking them down on YouTube, if you have any luck let us know here. Apparently the band is now known as Blacklight

For more information on Free the Children and Me to We visit:

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