Using Humour To Meet And Charm New People

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You’ve no doubt heard the phrase that laughter is the best medicine. There is simply no denying that comedy is a remarkable thing. A truly side-busting joke or situation that makes you laugh till your eyes are blurry and filled with tears can turn your spirits right around. When is the last time you honestly laughed that hard? Laughter is something special and not everyone is gifted the ability to make people laugh.

That doesn’t mean you can’t learn. You can learn to use humour to accomplish a lot of things in life, including charming new people you meet, whether they be business prospects, potential friends or even that special “someone”. Want to know how?

Health Is No Laughing Matter

Most people these days are probably used to perusing dating sites and social media looking for relationships. Indeed, the Internet has made dating more conventional, but there are still those rare occasions when one is presented with the opportunity to meet people in real-world situations. People still visit bars and venture into speed dating. In these scenarios, there is no better way to put your potential partner at ease than by taking advantage of humour.

Everyone loves the funny guy, right? The funny guy is harmless. With that in mind, a lot has changed in just the last couple of years. Personal space and safe distancing have become much greater concerns because of COVID. Plus, you could be putting yourself in potentially dangerous situations when you don’t practice safe social distancing. There is no amount of humour that is going to justify breaking deep into someone’s personal space.

That’s the first rule you must learn here. Humour is meant to put people’s minds at ease. To make a situation more bearable. Not to put others in awkward positions. That is what you will do immediately if you don’t practice proper social distancing.

Skip The Low-Humor Routine

The only thing that’s going to make a situation more awkward quicker than breaking social distancing is low humor. This means taking cheap shots at unfortunate people or unfortunate situations. Playful and tasteful teasing is one thing, but when you venture into the area of putting others down, you are venturing into a whole new ballpark. Jokes that cut people down and make others look bad are not attractive and will only serve to ultimately reflect poorly on yourself. Simply put, it’ll make you look insecure.

The Right Attitude Matters

Have you ever met those people that can just naturally tell a joke better or more successfully than others? Every try retelling a great joke you just heard, but are shocked with the lackluster results? It’s probably not that you aren’t telling the joke right. It could be that you aren’t delivering with the right attitude.

As contradictory as it sounds, trying to make a woman laugh by showing her how funny you are is not the right approach. The trick is to focus on making yourself laugh. If you aren’t having fun yourself, you aren’t going to convey a fun attitude. It’s hard to exude a fun environment when your heart just isn’t into it. Focus first on a positive attitude and this alone will make you more charming.

Jokes Are Only Good In Moderation

The good thing about a good joke is that it can set the mood. The only problem is that once the mood is set it’s up to you to carry on the situation from there. You might think telling another joke would be the way to go, but unfortunately, that’s not the right approach. If you just tell joke after joke, you are going to look like a mind-less robot.

Even the best jokes told by มุขเสี่ยว only work when told in moderation. The real skill you want to excel at here is improv. Tell a joke to lighten the situation then utilize your improv skills to read the situation and see which way it needs to proceed from there.

You Can’t Fail With A Good Story

You’d be surprised at what a good story can do for you. Think of it as an extended joke. This is much more effective than just rattling joke after joke. A good story helps build interest and investment. Use the situation to give your prey an inside look into who you are as well as some of your life experiences.

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