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‘Viking Destiny’: New Film Promises Heroism, Violence And A Female Lead

Viking Destiny

A young princess forced to flee her kingdom after being framed for the murder of her father travels the world, guided by the god Odin. Currently filming and set for release later this year, Viking Destiny will bring us a different take on the genre featuring a strong female lead in a dark world of heroism, betrayal, hope, violence and friendship.

The president of Film Mode Entertainment said that the film is “a dream come true for the broad fan base of high-stakes fantasy-adventure films, and the addition of a world-renowned, multiple-award-winning actor Terence Stamp brings the film to a whole new level” and it’s easy to see why. Terence Stamp, an enormously prolific actor with a huge repertoire, plays Odin, and was the perfect choice for writer and director David L.G. Hughes, who said that he wrote the part with Stamp in mind.

For a bit more on Hughes’ thinking, check out this video:

We don’t yet know who the Norse princess will be played by, so keep a close eye on that as it could make or break the core of the story. There also isn’t an official release date yet. And, for that matter, we’re pretty scarce on any detail at all. Dark ages-style mystery maybe? In any case, I’m feverishly hoping for more!

Many think of the Viking age as nothing but mud, violence, poverty and death. But think again, and expect this film to change that perception. Yes, it will probably have mud and violence and poverty and death, in fairness, but it’s also likely to show that the Vikings were much more than that. They liked games as much as we do, for example. A female lead in a Viking film is already breaking the mould, so expect a bit of How to Train Your Dragon style fun too, amidst the usual heavy early middle ages themes.

Viking Destiny Ships

But, again, as we’re a bit short of details we can’t do much yet. Personally, I’m excited for what looks like a really different take on what is now quite common ground for TV and film. And the idea of a female lead in a film like this is awesome too.

So, eyes and ears peeled for more info on this one I reckon. Even if you’re not into Viking stuff. In fact, especially if you’re not into Viking stuff. It’s always interesting checking out totally new areas, and this seems like it’ll be a great one to start with. Well, as long as it doesn’t end up on our next edition of this list

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