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A Visit To Manila Will Always Be A Memorable Experience

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Manila is a mesmerizing beautiful place that offers tourists a lot of fun and beauty. You have access to beaches and jungles setting, including beautiful islands in and around Manila itself. This is one of the most appealing spots for tourists all over South East Asia. Manila is a vibrant city and you can see some wonderful man-made creations here. Getting here is fairly easy and you can enjoy many flights to Manila from different cities around the world. If you are planning to take a flight from Riyadh then you can go through the Riyadh to Manila flight schedule for easy booking options.

Manila is a large, bustling city, and the capital of the Philippines. More than 500 million tourists are attracted to Manila for sports, countless adventure activities, and even underwater experiences. Manila is also famous for shopping as you can find some of the trendiest fashion and home decorative selections at a very attractive prices. Meanwhile, the architecture, old and new, in Manila is beautiful and you’ll constantly be taking time to appreciate the buildings and structures through the city.

Here are just a few of the most interesting places and sites in Manila. If you can get there, take enough time to fully enjoy this charming city.

Places to visit when you are in Manila

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Fort Santiago

This is a famous historical place with a beautiful stone structure. This is basically a fort that was constructed in the year 1593 which is really old. Tourists can also relax in this spot and have fun with their close ones. This is a perfect picnic spot too. This is an open-air ground where tourists can enjoy a lot of fun activities. This has an immense historical background and heritage of Manila City.

San Austin Church

This  beautiful church and is the oldest church in Manila city with a rich historical background. Tourists usually get mesmerized by the beauty of this church. This was built in the year 1586 and was renovated in the year 2013 by the Manila government to preserve the culture and heritage of this place.

Zoo Of Manila

You have come to Manila and not visited the wildlife sanctuary then what have you done? This is an open WildLife Park which is considered the most attractive place as kids and adults everyone loves this place. Tigers, Elephants, Hippopotamus, Royal Bengal Tiger, Crocodiles, and many more are found in this zoo. The Manila government has maintained it the most amazing way. You can use cars and can also perform booting.

Manila Cathedral


This is another mesmerizing church in the entire Philippines. This looks like a heavenly place that you can’t miss at any cost. The entrance of this church reflects the ancient history of Manila. Tourists visit this place to feel the calm and peace of the mind and soul.


This is also known as Manila’s Chinatown and is considered the oldest place in Manila. You can get different types of things and the varieties are that huge that you cannot finish it in one day. As the name suggests it works like that, you can get everything at a reasonable price rate. Shopaholic people don’t miss this place and usually find this as the best place.  This is a must-visit place to experience all kinds of things settled in one single place.

Money Museum

This is an interesting museum. This contains all kinds of coins, banknotes, bills, Barter Exchanges, etc. People come to visit this place and this place is maintained by the Central Bank of the Philippines. From ancient historical coins to recent notes everything is available here.

National Museum

Are you a history lover? Want to know everything about this beautiful city? This is the best place for you to travel. The National Museum is the largest museum where you can avail yourself of everything. The Manila history is also available in this place. From small details to extreme war stories, everything is here. And the most important part is everyone can get easy access to this museum.

Malacanang Palace

Malacanang Palace

Malacanang Palace is the most romantic place in the entire Manila. Love is in the air of the palace. This palace is extremely beautiful and eye-catching. Though now the President of Manila lives there and tourists are normally not allowed but with special permission a person can definitely visit the beauty.

Ayala Museum

This is the most beautiful and huge museum. This museum provides the tourists the art and history of ancient Manila. You can also see several art exhibitions in this museum. This looks gorgeous and mesmerizing


This is the most attractive place as you can enjoy a waterfall bath in this area. The whole area is surrounded by trees and in the middle, a small waterfall exists. This is a must-visit place for tourists. You can have fun and relaxation at the same time.

Manila Ocean Park

Have you imagined you can see the ocean from deep inside? Yes, Manila had an Ocean park that is constructed under the ocean and is surrounded by transparent glass so the tourists can visualize the underwater scene without getting wet. This is the most visited site by the tourists.

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Manila Intramuros

This is also known as Walled City and is considered the oldest district of Manila. You can get a beautiful view and click some best pictures if you are a camera freak person. This has a rich history that usually attracts tourists.

Chinese Cemetery

This is a cemetery that has beautiful architecture. The whole cemetery is constructed with Marvels and is commonly known as Millionaires Row. This place is more than a cemetery. You can definitely visit this place to witness the beautiful chandeliers, running water, kitchens, and has a luxurious crafted house on the two-way street of this cemetery.


Want to visit this place so hurry up, then gear your body, buckle up your shoes, and get ready to experience the most adorable place. Traveling to Manila with loved ones will offer you cheap flight tickets along with the most memorable memories.

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