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Volunteer Abroad: Where Would You Go, What Would You Do?

Another in our Whaddya Think? series, where we ask students for their opinions…

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If you could volunteer in another country, where would it be and what would you do?

Lynn P, 17

“I would travel to Kenya and volunteer with an elephant orphanage and rainforest and Savannah protection groups. Kenya is a country rich in natural wonders that need to be protected and working in a rehabilitation centre for the wildlife would give a chance to combine my passions of conservation, wildlife and the environment.”

Maya B, 15

“I would go to the Philippines because of the devastation from the typhoon. I would help by collecting food and water for those in need as well as building shelters for those without homes.”

Reina M, 14

“The Phillipines, because they were recently affected by the massive typhoon. I would help with anything I could as there is a lot to be done and I know a lot are suffering.”

Genna H, 19

“I would probably go to Peru or Thailand and help with different orphanages and children in the area.”

Isabella S, 15

“I would choose South Africa because it’s a country that needs a lot of help but is often overlooked. Kids don’t have a proper education and can’t afford healthcare.”

Jake M, 13

“I would volunteer in Afghanistan because they need help rebuilding their houses and towns from all the fighting from the war.”

Where would you go to volunteer? What would you ideally do there? Let us know below in the comments section!


If you could travel to a fictional place, where would it be?

Ashley H, 13

“I would travel to the city that Despicable Me is set in because I LOVE the movie. I really want to meet the Minions and take one home with me!”

Maya P, 13

“I would travel to Oz to visit the Emerald City and see the Wizard of Oz so he could answer all of my questions.”

Jordyn W, 14

“Definitely Hogwarts! Going to school and learning magic would be awesome! I’d also love to meet great wizards and witches.”

Matthew B, 13

“I would want to travel to Pandora from the movie Avatar. I want to ride on dragons and fight the bad guys and be one of the blue avatars because they have amazing powers.”

Hannah M, 14

“I would go to Neverland because Peter Pan is my all-time favourite movie and I have dreamed to see his home. I would go see the mermaids and the fairies, especially Tinkerbell.”

Kevin H, 18

“Gotham City, because that’s where Batman lives!”


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