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Movie Review: “War Horse”

Separated by war. Tested by battle. Bound by friendship.

War Horse

England, 1914: Young Albert Narracott (introducing Jeremy Irvine) has raised his horse, Joey, from a shy, timid animal to a horse of wonders. But when World War I breaks out, Albert is forced to part with Joey and give him up to the British army.

Then Joey is shipped off to France to fight with the British, but is soon captured by the Germans during a surprise attack. Joey is soon able to escape, with another horse from the British army, and is found by a little French girl.

Joey switches through sides constantly until he finds himself alone in No Man’s Land, awaiting rescue. Meanwhile Albert has joined the army in hopes to find his war horse and bring him home.

War Horse

Here’s the run down:

Action: War action! War Horse is perfect for you history buffs to see all the behind-the-scene action of World War I.

Tear-jerkers: You betcha. War Horse is filled with moments that will make your eyes water–I recommend waterproof mascara!

Humour: Bingo! A scene between a British soldier and a German soldier trading insight on the war from either side is filled with light-hearted humour, promising to make you giggle!

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Reviewed by Katie Comper

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