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7 Ways To Keep Your Family Entertained During Lockdown

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Summer means fun, and if we can have fun but support the need for learning and keeping up with the curriculum, then it’s this sort of fun that’s on the top of our list and the best options to look through.

Saying that there’s so much more that can benefit kids, arts and crafts are as important as maths and science in making a well-rounded individual. It’s a balancing act; kids know when you’re wrapping teaching up as something else.

So to help us celebrities are getting in on the act, for example, free online maths lessons with Carol Vorderman, the well-known presenter of Countdown. David Walliams has released free audiobooks for younger children, and Joe Wicks the health and fitness guru regularly runs online fitness classes aimed at children.

So let’s see how we can entertain the family during the lockdown.

1 – Learn to draw with Rob Biddulph 

Kids love to draw, and illustration is as popular with boys as it is traditionally with girls. Rob Biddulph makes it fun. While it looks easy, we’ve tried it, and even with Rob’s help, it’s still a tricky thing to master.

The video masterclasses are available through his website and on YouTube, his shows are very infectious.

2 – Penpals and Postcards

Letter writing is making a comeback much to the delight of us adults; kids across the country are writing to each other.

Facebook is full of trusted groups who put kids together who have the same interests and are the same age. Being a penpal is a lovely thing to do, and essential for children to realise they are not alone in this unusual situation. is helping to get kids writing and has launched its own BFF Pen Pal campaign. This campaign helps to combat feelings of separation during social distancing, LOL is a toy brand, and it has released free postcard templates to download from its website.

The website shares regular free activity content on social media channels, including quizzes, games, colouring-in sheets. Parents and children can find new activities to keep them entertained every day.

3 – A Treasure Hunt with the Woodland Trust

This hunt can be set inside and in the garden and as the restrictions lift you can take it to the park.

The Woodland Trust has lots of ideas available to download from its website. The general idea is you give your child a bag and a list of items to find, for example, a leaf, flower, piece of bark, an unusual stone. Once collected you discreetly throw out the snails and use the remaining items to make a picture.

If you can’t go out, you can do this in the house by utilizing your Scrabble set and asking the kids to find items and letters around the house, making up a story as you go.

After all this, you will need a cup of tea for sure.

4 – Make Cookies

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Everyone loves Jamie Oliver, and his lemon biscuits are the best if you don’t like lemon don’t worry, there are recipes on his website and YouTube channel that will suit everyone.

Jamie also likes to get his kids involved, so there are lots of videos on his YouTube channel where you can cook alongside his youngest boy Buddy Bear. The boys’ name might be unusual, but the baking tips are great.

The suggestions above are for younger children, now for some tips for pre-teen and teenage kids.

5 – Learn How to Create a Gif

Firstly, what is a gif? Gif stands for Graphics Interchange Format and used in social media, and It’s the funny moving images or film shots. These animated gifs you can make on your phone. Use the step-by-step online guide to help. These are fun, but memes can go viral.

A meme is a funny picture that usually has a special flashing or moving graphics that are used on social media and are nearly always topical. Animal and children gifs are particularly amusing, remember Charlie bit my finger or one with a kitten playing with its own shadow?

6 – Make Phone Wallpaper

I’m not suggesting home decoration, or paper printing techniques, but I am suggesting phone wallpaper.

Learn how to make and download your team as wallpaper for your phone. Upload your favourite photos to a downloadable platform like canva or adobe and create animated wallpaper for your home page. It’s easy to do, and in most cases it’s free.

7- Create a Family Podcast

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Use a name for your podcast that includes your subject. Those searching for your topic can find you – something “Why are Parents Such Idiots”: we all know what it’s about and that’s the point. Don’t make it too long; 30 minutes is the magic amount of time. Release new episodes once every two weeks: don’t keep your public waiting too long or they will tune out.

Choose your podcast host with care, and you can’t just upload to Spotify or Apple you need a host first. So do your homework and find a host that suits your needs and budget. The host will put it into libraries for you. Just remember, once you’ve started and gained a following you will need to keep talking.

Whatever you decide to do, it’s crucial for you as parents to have some downtime, time to relax and play some online games or read or catch up with all ten seasons of Friends. That way, you’ll be fresh and better equipped to find more way to keep the family entertained tomorrow.

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