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Several Ways You Can Make Money During The Pandemic

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The COVID pandemic has disrupted the lives, and finances of many people

Affected by the epidemic, basically many industries are delaying the start of construction, and many people are also feeling a lot of pressure. What can you do to make money during this period? After all, most of us can’t go out normally and funds can be very tight. Don’t know what to do? Many people have been coming up their own sideline income streams under lockdown.

So, what side jobs can be done at home without leaving the house?

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1. Of course, during this period, I recommend online earning part-time jobs to you. The first thing is to share shopping links to make money. It is relatively simple to make money by doing it at home. Many online shops will provide such a way. If you share the link with others, if someone places an order through sharing, you can get a certain commission. Simple and no need for technology, basically everyone can do it.

2. Write some articles to make money. As long as you write well, your income will be relatively stable. Many self-platforms, websites, etc. require a large number of articles for operation, so people need to write articles part-time, and everyone only needs to give these platforms You can get paid for articles written on the website.

3. Earn money by operating a media account, and earning money by writing articles. The income is very high, sometimes even thousands of dollars a day can be earned. The initial operation is also very simple. It is to attract fans by posting articles. After a large number of fans have been accumulated, the economic benefits can be improved through fans.

4. If you have expertise in a certain industry, you can consider taking orders to make money. This type of income is not low, and often you get a lot of income from an order. Therefore, if you can do well, you can be at home. Complete the project and then wait to collect the money.

5. Help people make video editing. This kind of video editing is done well and usually has a lot of life. As long as the reputation accumulated, it is relatively easy to make money in the later stage. However, editing also requires some basic skills. The main thing you cut is to let the funder. Satisfied, there will be a lot of work that can be taken in the follow-up, usually many people will introduce resources to you.

6. Of course you can play short videos well, and fans can accumulate quickly, so you can make money by bringing goods by yourself, but you need to study the interests of the public and choose the way fans like to promote them, so that they can also make money. It won’t be disgusting, and it’s easier to sell, which is also the method used by many celebrities nowadays.

7. Doing fee-based Q&A is literally. This job is to answer questions that Baidu knows, and answer an article to give you a cash reward. If you want to earn more, there are two ways. One is to choose a team model when you move in, and then to develop your team members so that they answer questions and you will also benefit; the other is to make your own network. Be a “foreman” for publishing tasks such as stores. You can also do both together. Goku Q&A and Sesame Q&A can also make money.

8. Do small tasks to make money. Now many platforms will publish small tasks to make money, such as Zhu Bajie, Time Wealth, People Gang and other platforms. Basically, you don’t need any skills, just have a mobile phone, such as forwarding a circle of friends, following a public account in this way. But each order does not earn much, you can refer to the “foreman” method to do it.

There are so many skills that do not press down, and there is an old saying that there is a craft that will never die of starvation.

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9. For example, if you can program, you can make money by picking up tasks at the Programmer Inn, Cloud Walker, and Jiefang. These are remote working platforms for programmers, and the prices are very high! The price of each task is 500-1000, and it is still remote office.

If you have language expertise, you can also make money. You can make money by doing translation on websites such as Youdao Translation and Kuaiyi.

If you can draw and design, you can also make money online. Like the emoji maker on the WeChat platform, this one is very profitable. You can also do some designs on Nitu.com, Qiantu.com and other websites to make money. These are very formal and very reliable.

There are actually many ways to make money during the epidemic, but you must choose what you can do. After all, there are very few who want to do well the things you don’t like and then make money. Ordinary people still need to choose to do well. Yes, and then it will be effective if you come to practice it. Therefore, there is still time to study it carefully now. It is a good thing to develop a sideline business during the intermittent period of the epidemic. If you are not sure, you will open your own door to success.

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