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Movie Review: We Love PEOPLE LIKE US

Find your family.

people like us

Starring Olivia Wilde, Elizabeth Banks, Michelle Pfeiffer and Chris Pine, People Like Us is a dramatic film is all about the journey of finding yourself. And sometimes, that means finding a less than conventional family.

Sam (Chris Pine) is struggling to make his way in the world. He works for a company that treads the line of moral integrity and his determined not to let even his girlfriend (Olivia Wilde) see the real him. But then his estranged record-producer father dies and Sam has to fly home to L.A. for the funeral.

During his time at home, he discovers that his father has left $150,000 in cash to a sister (Elizabeth Banks) and nephew he never knew he had. Sam decides to get to know them, without telling the pair who he really is, in order to figure out if he should really give over the money. But what happens when he gets too wrapped up in their lives to ever reveal his secret?

People Like Us

Here’s the run down:

Drama: Hello?? Long lost sister and a family full of pain and secrets? Sounds like the makings of a great drama to me!

Comedy: Michael Hall D’Addario, who plays Sam’s nephew Josh, is a hilarious version of pre-teen male. He gets kicked out of school for blowing up a pool–and that’s just the beginning!

Teary eyes: Come with a box of tissues! This one will be sure to make you tear up, if not bawl like a baby!

Here’s the trailer for PEOPLE LIKE US. Check it out!

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