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Wedding Attire For Men: Tips And Tricks

wedding attire for men

Choose lighter colors and fabrics for spring/summer wedding attire. Linen blends are a great choice, and tropical prints can look remarkably chic!

In winter, dark hues like navy and burgundy are the way to go. You can also play with textures with wool and velvet sport coats paired with sleek leather chukkas.


If the wedding dress code says “black tie” or “formal,” a dark navy suit (one or two-piece) is a foolproof choice. Likewise, if the dress code reads “casual” or “relaxed,” this is an excellent time to break out your favorite wool hopsack suit in a light gray shade or crisp khaki.

Other stylish but appropriate options include linen suits for outdoor and beach weddings or a chambray suit for daytime or casual events. Similarly, patterned or textured fabrics like linen or wool flannels are delicate, but be careful with Hawaiian and floral prints. If you want to go the riskier route, consider a burgundy suit, which is classic and trendy. The Banana Republic suit we’re featuring here is a prime example, with its classic cut, peal lapels, and signature pick stitch details.


While your strongest guidepost will be the dress code on the invitation, you should also note the time of day, season, and venue. These factors often impact how formal (or casual) an outfit should be.

Choose a dark suit (navy, charcoal, or midnight blue) for a semi-formal wedding and a solid or lightly patterned dress shirt. If a tie is optional at a semi-formal event, opt for a bow tie or standard necktie, and consider a pocket square in a complementary color.

You can break out of the box for a casual wedding and show your personality through accessories like a colorful shoe or patterned tie. However, you should still avoid jeans or shorts and wear a tailored blazer in a lighter fabric such as linen.


men's accessories - formal wear

If you’re going to a wedding with the “formal” dress code, you can still stick with a tuxedo but play around a bit. A dinner jacket with contrasting pants is a good choice, and you can wear either a bow tie or necktie. Add a pair of patent leather loafers or lace-up oxfords, and remember cufflinks (if the wedding is formal enough) from a tuxedo rental in St Louis. For winter, dark grey and blue are foolproof suit colors. If you’re invited to a summer wedding, try a fun tropical print on your shirt or a light color, like sky blue. Complete your look with sleek accent pieces like a pocket square, a great watch, and a bright pair of sunglasses.


A pair of shoes should complement the groom and groomsmen without standing out or clashing. If the event is black-tie, a traditional cap-toe oxford will suit your look, or loafers are a great option for a more casual style. The Amberjack Anguso Loafer from Myrqvist is an excellent choice as it adds flair to any black-tie outfit and is super comfy to wear all day long.

A blazer or charcoal sports coat paired with a floral or tropical print button-up is appropriate for semi-formal attire. A patterned tie, sharp sunglasses, and a stylish leather belt will elevate the look. Lastly, opt for mens leather loafers, such as tassel or penny loafers, for a more relaxed style. Loafers are a comfortable and convenient footwear option, especially for activities like barefoot dancing that require easy on-and-off access. If you want something more contemporary, consider a monk strap shoe with an elongated or tapered toe for a more formal look.

Pocket Square

The most formal daytime wedding attire for men is a morning dress, but it’s rarely worn outside the European aristocracy and looks more like costume than finery. A tuxedo is still appropriate for evening weddings, and a dark suit will work in the daytime if the invitation does not specify a black tie.

A pocket square is an effortless way to add color and festivity to any look. Pick one that is a good size (around 10 x 10 inches) and fold it as many times as you want to practice the most sophisticated pocket square folding techniques.

The Pitti peacock fold is the most elaborate, but it requires a lot of patience and a willingness to spend hours arranging the corners into a symmetrical arrangement. The result is a striking finish to your outfit.


And talking about tuxedos, here’s a look at one of our shots from our exclusive Faze photoshoot we did in Los Angeles with Zendaya:

Zendaya in tuxedo at Faze photostop in LA

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