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What Is A VPN? Do You Need One? Why Should You Use It?

VPN Internet

VPN or virtual private network, is a decade-old technology but it’s still the better way to increase your online safety. This technology was used for companies to give access to their employees to its intranet without risking their database. Right now, it’s used for other reasons.

Most people that are worried for their online security are using a VPN right now. The technology gives the ability to cloak your IP address for protecting your identity in the web. But it goes beyond that. The VPN bridge also allows you to safe navigate for internet and access to geo-blocked content and to watch media content unavailable in some countries.

What is a VPN?

Before explaining why you should use a VPN, you need to know what is a VPN. A VPN is a network created for private using, it provides a safe network from which you can connect to other networks. It’s useful for navigating in internet for untrustworthy sites or for connecting from a public Wi-Fi area.

A VPN can do it by encrypting your network data, so it can’t be tracked by others, so you are free to navigate without risking your personal files in your PC.

When you are connected to a VPN, no matter if you are in the other side of the world; your device acts like it’s a part of the network and your IP address shows like you were in that country. For example, a VPN Australia-based will give you an Australian IP, so, when you enter in a geo-blocked page or content, you can enjoy it like you were not in your home country.

Most of the VPN networks cloak your IP address by changing it every certain time, so you can’t be tracked. Most of Journalist use them when they are connecting in a country where journalism is pursued for authoritarian regimes for not being tracked easily.

Today, most of VPN servers are used for personal safety and their interface is easier to use that before; they come as Android apps or iOS apps. Some of them just need you to change your internet proxy address to use one of their servers. So, you automatically connect to VPN and can navigate without worrying.


Why you should use a VPN in 2019?

Not only viruses, today, navigating through internet means you should share your personal info, even without knowing you are sharing it. Google, Facebook and many other portals take a huge quantity of information from you, and they use it to unknown reasons. At least, you can know that Google uses it for selling it to announcers for them to offer you better options for navigation, so you can get publicity that you can be interest with.

Other websites track that info to sell it to Google and so, a complete economy environment births within internet itself. Otherwise, you can’t exactly know who is really getting that info. So, if your prime worrying is online safety and privacy, the better option for you is a VPN.

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