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What Makes The Real Estate Market Lucrative In Canada?

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Canadian real estate is more than owning a place to live. According to PriceWaterCooper (PWC), Canada’s population growth continues to increase, which has created a continued demand for homes. As the demand for housing grows, the prices continue to appreciate. Rental income is also another crucial part of real estate investment that has gone up over the years. Moreover, rental income is expected to increase following more immigration and more renters as opposed to homeowners. This is why the Canadian real estate market is an excellent investment. Read on to discover what makes the real estate market lucrative in Canada in comparison to other places.

#1. Property Value

Properties in Canada have seen an appreciation trend over the years and will most likely grow in the long term. However, real estate experience highs and lows like any other market. As such, you should understand when the prices are at a peak. Real estate professionals can help you determine whether it is an excellent time to buy. A realtor may also advise you on when the prices will go higher or lower in your area. Always get into real estate investment when the prices are low to make money quickly.

#2. Rental Income

You can earn at last $1000 of rental income per month for an apartment in most parts of Canadian real estate markets. Although you can find lower rates in many cities, you must consider some factors to ensure your rental is the best choice among tenants. For instance, tenants value a property in a good location and a reputable builder.

#3. Low Entry Bar

Real estate in Canada is lucrative because you require little knowledge and research to enter. Almost everyone can figure out how to buy, sell, or rent out a property. Moreover, some firms specialize in the management of investment properties. If you are low on your finances, firms such as Altrua Financial provide mortgages and real estate advice. As such, you do not have to worry about how to go about the real estate business.

#4. Leverage

Banks in Canada are more than willing to lend out money for real estate at low rates. Leverage is vital and a slow risk tool in investing. Gains and losses are both magnified. Leverage allows investors to use little of their cash while allowing someone else to pay their debt and build their equity. Although you can use leverage in any other type of investment, banks will lend smaller amounts at higher rates. The power of leverage alone makes the real estate market lucrative in Canada.

#5. Tax Benefits

Nothing discourages investment like taxes. Like most businesses, real estate has multiple tax advantages. As an investor, you can deduct mortgage interest. You can take out a loan to invest in Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and deduct that interest. You can defer income tax by claiming property depreciation. You can also write off any maintenance expenses and costs of running your property.  

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The success of investing in real estate depends on your skillset and the time you put into your business.

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