What You Need To Know To Be Good At Curling Hair

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Looking young and attractive can be achieved with curly hair, believe it or not. Curls are effective in transforming one’s look but making pretty and lasting waves on your own might be a challenge. Most girls spend hours watching curly hair tutorials and end up with hair frizz or waves that straighten after an hour. Luckily, there is a solution to being good at hair curling entailing equipment, products, and the procedure. Below are some hands-on tips of how to curl your hair like a pro:

1) Choose the Right Equipment

There are several styling tools to create curls like curling irons, Flexi rods, and rollers. Curling irons are commonly used for different size curls styling and give instant results. However, the waves might end up frizzing or falling, and it uses heat, which causes hair damage. Rollers are a traditional curling approach but require heat from a dryer, or one has to sleep with them. Heating makes hair fragile. Sleeping with rollers on is extreme torture. Flexi rods, on the other hand, are moldable rods that create the perfect curls without heat. They are quick to set up, comfortable, and you can learn how to use Flexi rods to curl hair easily. Using these rods to curl your hair guarantees neat, gorgeous, and long-lasting waves.

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2) Hair Curling Products

Getting your hair to hold on will take more than having the right curling tool. You need some hair products that improve your hair’s ability to hold curls. The products include a curl setting spray or hairspray and mousse as well as some curl-enhancing cream or gel. The setting spray is vital in setting the curls and offers protection from burning. Still, the product you will choose depends on your hair type, that is, pattern and texture. Always check the manufacturer’s labels on their products, indicating the recommended kind of hair.

3) Hair Preparation and Setting Procedure

After acquiring all the necessary curling tools and products, you need to prepare your hair for the setting. Pre curling procedures include thorough washing because you will skip washing days to maintain the waves. After washing, dry your hair partly and apply the curling gel or setting cream. Spray each section in our hair. Then, roll your hair in the size you prefer onto the Flexi rods. You will get incredible results by giving your hair time to set. You can set them up at night then undo them and style your curly hair when you get up. .

4) How to Maintain Curls

After undoing the rods, you need to have the right styling tools in hand. Use a wide-tooth comb that brushes through the hair without ruining the coils. You can also comb through with your fingers, which adds texture to your hair. It is advisable to wrap your hair when sleeping to prevent spoiling your curls. Also, keep applying some hairspray to hold your curls and add shine. Curling hair takes time to perfect, so always practice until you get the result you were after.

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