What You Should Look For When Hiring A Real Estate Agent

 A real estate agent shaking hands with her client couple

With the demand for housing continuously outpacing inventory, it’s essential for people planning to buy a home to take every opportunity for success to compete with other homebuyers. One of the best ways to do this is to choose the right real estate agent for you.

Having a top real estate agent by your side that you can trust will be a huge point in your column. However, finding the right real estate agent isn’t always as easy as it seems. A Google search can bring you endless results, so how do you make the right choice?

You should look for several things when hiring a real estate agent. Explore our list to help you find the best agent for you.


An experienced real estate agent with a solid reputation and references is a huge asset. They will understand the ups and downs of your local market and provide valuable insights. For example, when buying a house in Whitby, it’s important to work with an agent specializing in Whitby Ontario real estate who has the reputation and connections to help you find your dream home.

Checking out reviews is a great way to gauge how other buyers have felt after working with an agent. You can see what people are saying about working with the agent, and look out for mentions of other vital characteristics you’re looking for in a real estate agent.

Negotiating Skills

The job of a real estate agent isn’t straightforward. There are meeting with clients, understanding what’s happening with the market, and price negotiations. It’s important to find an agent with impressive negotiating skills. Good signs to look out for are agents who are respectful, professional, level-headed and clear communicators. Agents who overlook details, beat around the bush or are overly aggressive have the potential to sour negotiations and end up costing you.

Meet with a Real Estate Agent


The approachability of a real estate agent is sometimes overlooked, but it’s actually essential. If you don’t feel comfortable with your agent, it doesn’t really matter how much experience they bring to the table. Not only should they provide a phone number and email address they are available at, but you should feel comfortable using them.

It’s also essential to make sure that your agent isn’t just going through the motions but is actually listening to you and taking your needs and wants seriously. They should be helping you find a perfect house for you, not trying to push you to a home you don’t want just because it’s available.

Working with an agent who makes you feel silly for asking questions or tries to pressure you into choosing the wrong house or making a decision before you’re ready is unlikely to be a positive experience.

Finding a reputable, experienced agent who is approachable and cares about their clients will help to make the stressful home buying experience more manageable and make it more likely that you find the right house. With many great real estate agents, ensure you take the time to find the best one for you.

A real estate agent shaking hands with her client couple
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