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What to Expect When You Meet with a Real Estate Agent

Meet with a Real Estate Agent
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One of the first steps when looking to sell your home or buy a new one is meeting with a real estate agent. Your agent is the person who will guide you through the process, offer advice and work hard to put you in the best financial position possible.

If you’re meeting with an agent for the first time, it’s essential to come prepared with the right questions to learn about the process, so you know what to expect. The initial meeting is about aligning on strategy, ensuring your needs are met, and communicating your expectations. Here are some things to expect during your first meeting with a real estate agent.

Discussion about Money

If you want to have a productive first meeting, you should be prepared to talk about your finances. If you’re looking to buy, you can get pre-approved for a mortgage. Knowing how much you can afford to spend is essential for your realtor to find houses to show you within your range and expectations. In cities like Hamilton, knowledgeable real estate agents in Hamilton Ontario will be able to tell you which areas are in line with your budget and desires.

If you’re looking to sell, your agent will be able to walk you through comparable homes in your area and compare your listing to other homes that have recently sold.

Your Must-Haves

Once finances have been discussed, you can start going through the most important features to you. Is a two-car garage, big backyard, or a certain number of bedrooms a must? Or is easy access to public transit or schools at the top of the list? Knowing your must-haves and nice to haves and deal-breakers will help your agent find the best homes to show you.

During this first meeting, your agent can tell you if your desired features and budget are realistic. If they aren’t, your real estate agent might recommend increasing your budget or choosing likelier features to be found together.

Your Chance to Ask Questions

It’s a good idea to have a list of questions prepared that you’d like to ask your agent at your first meeting. This will help you remember them later if you forget about them in the excitement of discussing a new home.

You may want to ask some general questions to better understand your agent and their experience, like how long they’ve been in business, how much they charge, and their average list-price-to-sales-price ratio. You may also have specific questions about what they plan to do for you, including their marketing strategy for your home or what they think is a reasonable list price for your home.

Your first meeting with an agent is a great time to find out if you’re a good match. You want to work with an agent you feel comfortable with, so you are confident in listening to their advice, which will be invaluable throughout the home buying or selling process.

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