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When To Best Use Platform Heels With Your Outfit?

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There are two main times you can best use platform heels to add something special to your outfit. These are: Pairing them with classic pieces or adding a little kick to your look. These are both great ideas for when to use these shoes and can help you find the perfect pair.

Stabilizing The Foot Inside The Shoe 

If you want to keep your foot from sliding forward in your platform heels, it’s important to understand how to stabilize the foot inside the shoe. Without a properly stable shoe, you could experience a lot of issues. You can also get some sort of insole that will be placed along the length of the shoe. Insoles can be made from foam, designed to give you extra comfort. They can also be trimmed to fit your feet. These insoles are removable.

Another option for keeping your foot from sliding forward in your shoes is a toe grip. A toe grip is a small piece of material that sits in front of the toes. The toe grip keeps the toes in shape. A toe grip also prevents your toes from becoming cramped.

Adding A Kick Of Sexiness

Adding a kick to your heels was in vogue during the 1970s and disco dudes were enamored with the foot slogger. Some shoe designers saw the opportunity to retool the platform shoe by giving it a mid-century modern makeover. While these shoes aren’t for everyone, they aren’t for the faint of heart, and if you know how to wear them, they can be quite the sex elixir. The best part is they are less expensive than you might think.

The platform shoe has a storied history. First adorning European royalty’s feet, they came back in the late 19th century. As time passed, the platform shoe found its way stateside and eventually made a home on the feet of the most fashion-savvy ladies on the block. The most exciting part is that these shoes are still in production today.

Pairing Them With Classic Pieces

platform heels shoes

You can wear platform shoes in several ways. Whether a simple dress or a sweat suit, the right platform shoe can elevate your look. And they’re easier to walk in than wedges! You can also pair platform heels with a statement coat or a pleated skirt for a sexy yet professional look. They’re also a great choice for a night on the town. The game’s name is to find a style that works for you. For instance, flip-flops might be too casual for a business meeting, but they’re the perfect footwear for a long, sun-filled day. And while they might not be a good look for a black-tie event, they’ll do the trick for an evening affair. If you’re a fan of heels, you can always opt for a pair of platform-heeled ankle boots for a glam touch. The same is true of the tweed-on-tweed combination. You could wear a tweed jacket with tweed pants and a pair of tights and then accessorize with a tweed bag and a tweed scarf.

Symbolizing Sex Work

One way to symbolize sex work is to wear platform heels. These shoes seem to have been linked to sex and sexuality for centuries. Throughout history, high heels have also been associated with the lowest status of a woman and with the oldest job in the world. In the 1970s, these heels became popular with women in the stripping industry. Some famous celebrities have even worn them. m heels have been traced back to Ancient Greece and Rome. The Romans used these shoes to identify prostitutes in crowds. They were also instructed to wear certain symbols that normal people did not. For instance, the red and purple dresses of the Venetian courtesans were a symbol of sex work. In the 1990s, clear Lucite platforms were worn by pole dancers. The use of platform heels to symbolize sex work has been a subject of controversy. Some have argued that the heels are simply a sign of sexism. Others have suggested that they are a tool for prostitutes to mark themselves as separate from the public.

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