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Which Sectors Came Out Of The Pandemic Stronger?

Although the Covid-19 pandemic had devastating consequences for businesses across the world, with mass closures and job losses, not all were impacted in the same way. As the pandemic moves towards a conclusion, some sectors are emerging stronger than they went in.

Local shops

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It might seem surprising, but local businesses were one of the biggest beneficiaries of the prolonged lockdowns and restrictions. As people grew reluctant to visit the store they took to ordering online, and there was a general shift towards buying local. That applies to all areas. Even the big weekly food shop, usually reserved for supermarkets, began to find its way into smaller, local stores.

The reasons for this might not be immediately clear, but the pandemic raised awareness of local businesses. Larger supermarkets were able to stay afloat with online delivery and financial assistance, but local businesses were perceived as in danger. A desire to support the local economy is one reason for the shop local trend, but there’s another, more subtle cause. During the public health crisis, people become more conscious of where their food was coming from and its traceability. Health was at the forefront of everybody’s mind, and buying local gave peace of mind.

Online casinos

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The gambling and casino industry was dealt what felt like a death blow when the first lockdowns were announced in the early days of the pandemic. An end to mass gatherings meant that the vast majority of sporting events were cancelled (restricting what bookmakers could offer odds on) while brick-and-mortar casinos closed their doors. There’s evidence to suggest that many of those high street bookmakers and casinos simply won’t reopen, but the picture isn’t universally bleak.

Online establishments like Jackpotcity Casino boomed. They experienced increased traffic, increased spending and increased signups. Some of that custom came from people who could no longer visit a high street casino, but the reasons run deeper even than that. More time spent at home, in some cases more disposable income, and a general desire to find new forms of entertainment all benefited the online gambling industry.

Streaming services

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Lockdowns meant a lot more time spent at home, sometimes all day. Many employees were sent home and the office became a distant memory. No longer could people entertain themselves by visiting the movie theatre, so streaming services like Netflix and Hulu quickly filled the void. Larger numbers than ever signed up, and, even though the movie industry struggled to produce new blockbusters, streaming soared to new heights.

A move towards streaming over live television was a trend even before the pandemic, but there’s no doubt that time spent at home accelerated the process. Even now, as the effects of vaccination programs become apparent and many areas lift restrictions, it seems unlikely that all those new customers will simply cancel their subscriptions. The streaming boom brought about by the pandemic, and the wider trend towards finding new forms of entertainment at home, is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

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