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#Cashmere15: Love, Romance And A Future Without Breast Cancer

The 12th Annual White Cashmere Collection floated down the runway in Toronto with the first ever bridal bathroom tissue couture.

Yes, you read right, I said bridal and bathroom tissue in the same sentence. The White Cashmere Collection fashion show is a unique event that puts the spotlight on the 15 top bridal designers in Canada and gives us the chance to support a life-saving cause that touches women and families.

White Cashmere Collection 2015 - Photographer Greig Reekie

This annual collection kicks-off October Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the return of the limited-edition Cashmere bathroom tissue in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF). 25 cents from CashmereUltra3PlyPINK_Simplified_3Devery sale of Cashmere product will go to the CBCF and help the lives of women, and their families, who are affected by breast cancer.

It is estimated that in 2015, on average, 68 Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer every day and 14 Canadian women will die from breast cancer every day. According to another research study, one out of every nine women in Canada will be diagnosed with breast cancer sometime in her life – can you name at least nine women in your life? The statistics are horrifying and that’s why we need to help raise awareness, and funds, to help fight against breast cancer. Even though 25 cents may seem small, with everyone contributing, we can make a difference.

We can also get involved with the initiative called “Vote Couture for the Cure”. By voting for our favourite bridal couture from the 2015 White Annual Cashmere Collection, $1 will be donated to the CBCF, up to $10,000, in the designers’ name. Voters will also be entered to win weekly prizes and the chance to win the ultimate prize of a $5,000 dress from Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay (what a dream, you can say yes to the dress!).

With a brilliant vision of love, romance and a future without breast cancer as the theme for #Cashmere15, all 250 attendees were awestruck by the gowns, accessories and lingerie that walked down the aisle. Not to mention the detailing such as the beading, braiding, flowers, and layers of ruffles made out of bathroom tissue. Everyone has a faouvrite, and I must say that I was inspired by Catherine Langlois’s voluminous skirt and peek-a-boo back with Swarovski crystals and flowers – together creating a flowy, yet elegant, bridal ball gown.

WCC 2015 - Catherine Langlois - Photographer Greig Reekie

Check out our video coverage of #Cashmere15 and be sure to vote for your favourite bridal gown and support the cause!

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