We Asked Students: Who Would You Clone?

Another in our Whaddya Think series, where we ask students for their opinions…


Who would you clone?

Jake L, 18
I would put everybody’s DNA on file, so when they die, we could clone them. I would also clone my dog so I could have two of them.
Jessica G, 17
I am against cloning humans. But, I agree with cloning other animals. Cloning could be used to rehabilitate endangered species, as well as livestock to keep our food supply strong.
Shackera B, 14
I would clone my mom, because she is very hardworking and she needs two of her!
Nadine D, 17
I think that I would clone Einstein because he was a genius.
Jen K, 14
I would clone the entire cast of friends, so they would always be able to do shows

Alex P, 18
I would clone Matt Good, that way I could have my own Matt to play me songs at home anytime I want.

Justin K, 17
If I could clone anyone, I’d clone myself. That way I’d have more time for fun stuff!

Janet S, 17
If I could, I would clone my great grandma. Because she was a really nice person and I wish I could see her again. I never really got to say good-bye.

Armondo B, 17
Cloning would help us find cures to different diseases. I think that I would clone myself, that way if I ever needed an organ, my clone would be a match.

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