Why Is There An Increase In Divorce Cases?

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Marriage is beautiful because it offers a clear window to be with someone who makes your heart skip a beat and raises your offspring. Nonetheless, not all marriages and matrimonial unions get into the ’till death do us part’ section for different reasons. Divorces are happening in every corner of today’s world. Unfortunately, every marriage breakup has a different story from the other. There are several issues that couples can solve in their union, while others lead to separation. The information in this piece educates you on the top causes of the increasing number of divorces across the globe.

Financial Constraints

Although this may not be the basis for marriage, you can’t assume that a consistent cash flow and income at home don’t promote the relationship with your spouse. You use your money to cater to different financial needs, including utility bills, your kids’ school fees, and emergencies. Legal professionals at Khonsari Law Group have dealt with several divorce cases that resulted from money problems.

Some couples have confirmed that financial constraints weren’t the reason for their separation. Nevertheless, it contributed to heightened tension and stress in their marital relationship. There are several reasons for a shortage of money in marriage, including drug abuse and alcoholism, and money-consuming health conditions.

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Unfaithfulness, a lack of trust, and cheating are all infidelities likely to break even a marriage that has survived for years. Having many partners is a significant contributor to divorce and marriage breakups. Surprisingly, most ex-couples who confirm infidelity in their marriages have only one partner agreeing that it was the basic cause of their separation. Nevertheless, most couples mention infidelity as a major basis for a direction turn in a deteriorating marriage.

Alcoholism and Substance Abuse

Today’s society has experienced significant consequences of alcoholism and drug abuse. Marriages and families aren’t an exception in feeling the effect of this addiction. Marriages break due to drug abuse and alcoholism because the partner with the problem doesn’t minimize or stop the misuse, such as seeking guidance and counseling.

Therefore, the other party feels that the addiction or use of harmful substances comes between them and a normal couple’s life. Additionally, the partner with the misuse problem may tend to get violent with their partner or kids or even forget their responsibilities in general. Whatever the reaction, substance abuse, and alcoholism still rank as one of the significant causes of the many divorces in the current generation.

Growing Apart


Some couples are married, but they lack the love spark that was there before they got married. Love is among the top recipes for a happy marriage because it enables you to understand, appreciate, and live with your partner. Some couples confirm they no longer have romantic feelings towards their better halves because they can’t predict how their spouses will change.

Change is inevitable, but it should be in the right direction. Things can go south fast when one of the spouses in a matrimonial union changes in the wrong direction, such as a lack of intimacy towards the other party. A couple may’ve been madly in love before, but if that’s not the case, they feel that divorce is the best option.

‘Till death do us part’ is the last sentence when people in love marry each other and vow to love each other. Sadly, divorce has become a way out for many married people globally for different reasons. The points above show some of the primary divorces caused in the contemporary world. There may be several other reasons, considering each marital union is unique. Research more on this subject to understand your position and marriage better.

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