Why Canada Should Be On Everybody’s Travel List

Airports are where you get your first impression of a country; a stop that can significantly enhance or detract from your visit. That is why some of the best airports are found in the best countries, with Canada being one of them, although the beautiful airport is only the beginning.

Breathtaking Sights

From world-renowned restaurants and vibrant sports scenes in Toronto to the world-famous Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Canadian cities are diverse and unique, offering a little bit of everything. Can’t make up your mind between skiing, sailing, and kayaking? In Vancouver, you have the option of sailing in the mornings and skiing in the afternoons. If you’re looking for a cultural shock, Montréal has plenty of options; the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts, Parc Jean Drapeau, and the city’s well-known public markets are among these. Just be cautious when you’re out in public because there are over 80 languages that are spoken in Montréal! You may require the services of a translator.

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Delicious food and beverages

Though not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Canada, food and drink is undeniably one of the country’s highlights. The various cultures that call Canada home bring their delectable dishes and beverages with them. Breweries in places like Ontario and Nova Scotia produce local, innovative beers that you should definitely try.

If drinking isn’t your thing, a thriving community of cafes and restaurants serving farm-to-table fare is something to keep an eye out for. These cafes and restaurants are most common in places like the Maritimes, serving the world’s freshest seafood.

Canada has been described as many things, such as a “melting pot for different cultures.” It means you can try many different international cuisines in all the big cities as there is a plethora of food from all over the world. It makes exploring all the more fun as trying a new restaurant just down the road from your hotel could be something completely novel.

The Marvelous Scenery

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Some of the most beautiful views in the world can be found in Canada. Just outside the culturally rich towns, there is mountainous terrain that would make any nature lover swoon.

Without a doubt, one of my favourite aspects of Canada is its breathtaking scenery. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The Canadian Rockies are breathtaking, with some of the highest snow-capped mountains and the clearest glacier-fed lakes. There’s nothing like hiking to a remote location and looking out at breathtaking views in every direction. Anyone who enjoys the great outdoors will find Canada to be a paradise.

The general recommendation is to spend as much time outside of cities as you do inside them. Vancouver is a fantastic city with a plethora of activities and wonderful food to keep anyone entertained. However, it’s Vancouver’s proximity to the mountains, the coast, and parks that most find appealing. Rent a car and head out into nature for a day trip or a longer vacation. “Never leave the house without your camera; there’s always something to see.”

Though many visitors think of Niagara Falls and the Rocky Mountains when they think of Canada’s wonderful outdoors, there are many other hidden jewels to be discovered.

The People

The stereotype of the friendly Canadian is well-known and accurate. In fact, a study conducted in 2016 concluded that Canadians were the friendliest people on the planet! They are proud people who will usually guide a lost traveler to their destination. Even in places where French is widely spoken, Canadians’ arms are wide open.

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The Rocky Mountaineer

Since its inception in 1990, the iconic, world-famous, and historically significant train has been on the bucket lists of avid travelers. The glass-roofed double-decker carriages make it easy to see and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, while the friendly hosts ensure your comfort and tell you interesting stories and tales about the unique places that you pass on your journey.

The Rocky Mountaineer’s three main routes are the First Passage to the West (Vancouver to Banff/Lake Louise), Journey Through the Clouds (Vancouver via Kamloops to Jasper), and Rainforest to Gold Rush (Vancouver to Banff/Lake Louise) (Vancouver via Whistler to Jasper). It’s all worth seeing.

The Northern Lights

There aren’t many places where this phenomenon can be seen, and thanks to growing up with Brother Bear, most people want to see what these magic lights have to offer. When travelling to Canada, make sure to add Yukon to your travelling itinerary!

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 Rich in culture, cuisine, and people, Canada should be on everyone’s list of places to travel to. Not many places can offer the variety that Canada does, so if you have a short time on vacation in Canada, ensure that most of your time is enjoyed discovering new memories, not spent in airports.

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