Why Canada Is A Top Job Destination For Immigrants

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Deciding to leave your family and home country behind is usually hard for many immigrants. Whether you are relocating for study or to take up a new job, it is crucial to ensure that your decision will be beneficial in the long run. Fortunately for most Canadian immigrants, the move has proved to be worth it, with the majority securing jobs and enjoying the benefits that come with it.

So, why should you pack your bags and move to Canada for work? Here are some reasons to consider relocation.

 #1 Canada has a thriving economy

Canada is known for its several natural resources, but its position in the world economy is worth noting. It is actually among the top countries whose economy is thriving for the benefit of its citizens. Immigrants get to enjoy the benefits of residing in a world-class economy and making a living.

The country has many jobs in the service industry, open to immigrants moving to the country. The jobs pay relatively well and are an excellent place to start for those without superior work skills. Its good-producing sector is also growing and opening up work opportunities for those looking to relocate to Canada.

 #2 Canada protects its workers

Job protection provides peace of mind for immigrants in a foreign country, and Canada offers that and more. It is one of the countries with the best paid leave, holidays, and benefits globally. The work policies are to protect both locals and immigrants and vary depending on your province of residence.

Canadian workers also get a minimum wage of between 11 to 14 CAD per hour, which is relatively high compared to other first world countries. Immigrant parents also enjoy 18 months of leave as part of the progressive maternity leave policies in Canada.

#3 Canada fast tracks immigration for skilled workers

Do you already have a job in your country but are looking for greener pastures? You are in luck! Canada offers skilled workers express entry, with many immigrants starting to work in six months or less. Getting invited to become a permanent resident using the express entry option is not automatic but having high scores in your profile increases your chances significantly.

To determine your eligibility for the skilled workers’ program, consider seeking consultation from an immigration consultant in Edmonton Canada.

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#4 Canada is a multicultural society

One out of every five people living in Canada was born outside the country. Many minorities live and work in the country, and you are likely to find people from your home country. The main reason for the increased number of immigrants is the government’s openness and celebration of multiculturalism.

Major cities in Canada have large percentages of immigrants working in every sector of the community. Individuals and families are guaranteed a society that looks a bit like the one back home.

#5 Canadian citizenship application is straightforward

After getting over the anxiety of moving to Canada for work, you will likely consider becoming a citizen. Luckily, immigrants are allowed to apply for permanent residency or full citizenship, and the process is surprisingly direct. Immigrants looking to start their permanent residency journey can seek the services of reputable Edmonton immigration services.

If successful, you are entitled to all the social benefits given to other Canadians. Immigrants are allowed to decide whether to remain a permanent resident or go for full citizenship.

Overall, Canada is a great place to work and settle permanently for immigrants. If you are wondering where to start your relocating journey, talk to the team at LIVIN Immigration Services for customized solutions.

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