Why Does Water Change Taste And How To Fix It

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In case you noticed a slight change in the way the water at home tastes or smells, you might think of several reasons why this difference appeared. Truth is that water is such a vital ingredient for the human body and human well-being in general, that it shouldn’t be ignored.

Also, having access to clean, fresh, and healthy sources of water in the comfort of our home shouldn’t be a luxury, but a guaranteed condition for the modern family and all the households in the U.S.  Studies have shown that water’s composition can even affect the hair’s color and density, especially if it is rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, etc.

When it comes to the taste and smell of the water you drink daily, it is hard not to notice the changes that can occur and it is of utmost importance to monitor and measure them.

Why Does Water Taste Sweet?

If the water you are drinking from the faucet has a slightly sweet taste, it can be because the pipes need cleaning or replacement. Make sure to ask someone else to taste it before you start replacing the pipes though. A lot of times, the sweet taste in your mouth can be caused by a medical condition and not the actual pipe system in your house, so you better double-check.

Check the info at: https://waterestore.ca/pages/water-taste-smell to find out more about the different causes of water changing its taste and smell. Or read below and see which situation applies to your water source.

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Why Does Water Taste Thick?

The excess of sodium in water is the substance that makes it taste “thick” and it can affect your thyroid gland in the long term. Since many municipalities’ water source is from wells the water often contains sodium and it can also stain the sanitary objects in your house. It isn’t much you can do about this problem other than installing a water filter.

Why Does Water Taste Like Rotten Eggs?

The extra amount of sulfur dioxide in the water causes the smell and taste that is similar to rotten eggs and that it can’t pass unnoticed. You probably encountered this smell, especially  If you are currently confronted with any of these problems. In this case, you should take immediate action and check the source of the foul smell.

How To Fix Water Taste Changes?

If you cannot change the water source in your home, you should invest in a high-quality water filtering system or even buy bottled water until you manage to solve the problem at your house. Even if don’t notice big differences in water’s taste from month to month and you find it to be the same, there are special clinics where you can bring a water sample from your house and check how “drinkable” it is.

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Hard Water Vs. Soft Water

Not to mention the distinctions between hard water and soft water that is so obvious in certain regions of the US. Compared to “soft” water sources like fresh rainwater and filtered bottled water, hard water has a tendency to cause buildup in sinks, bathtubs, and faucets, leaving mineral deposits on our dishes and glassware, and can even cause clothes to become stiff and faded after washing. Hard water can also prevent your soap from lathering, thus hindering your ability to cleanse everything from your dishes to your skin. And if it’s super-full of minerals that are not necessarily beneficial to your organism.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the quality of your daily water intake it is really important to have basic knowledge regarding the water you drink or use for preparing food, especially if you have babies or people with sensitive skin, bladder, hair, or kidneys living with you. It has been proven that consuming improper water can affect the condition of your internal organs.

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