Why You Should Invest In Your Own White Label Gaming Site

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Many entrepreneurs have considered starting an online casino. There are practical reasons involved, too. According to Business Matters, the online gaming industry has seen its value increase from $25 billion in 2011 to $51 billion in 2018. The online sector made up almost 40% of that. So, in spite of the high number of new casinos opening up each year, the industry continues to grow, which is great news for anyone looking to start their own online casino.

When you break it down, the basic steps to starting an online casino are simple to understand. You start a website, add some games and payment systems, and you’re all set up to profit. Gambling, however, is a highly competitive industry, and it requires far more effort than those basic steps make it sound. This can be off-putting to those setting up in business for the first time.

One way to simplify the process and give yourself a better chance to get an edge over the competition is to invest in a white label casino. A white label casino enables operators to acquire a finished gaming site, give it its own branded design, and even come up with a unique name. Essentially, you have a blank label for you to fill in so that you can develop your very own brand. You wouldn’t get this opportunity from buying a franchise.

Companies likes Aspire Global, however, provide an opportunity for those looking to get into the online gambling industry to start their own business. Aspire, which was founded in 2005, offers its partners a unique pricing model based around revenue share. It currently owns a number of properties in the online casino industry, including the popular Karamba. White label solutions have proven to work in all sorts of industries, in fact. They can be found in the domestic appliances sector, the food industry, and banking. The model works for the customer, as the amount of investment is significantly lower, and it works for the contractor, as they receive additional orders and make more profit.

The $116.3 million you see in the below infographic was achieved through partnerships with white label organisers.

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A reliable partner

When running a gambling business, you’re working in a very specific industry, and it calls upon specialised abilities and skills. Without the required knowledge, it would be quite a challenge to set up an online casino independently. The white label option enables you to tap into the vendor’s industry experience, allowing you to focus on flexing your entrepreneurial muscles. The vendor takes care of several aspects of a business that would otherwise require a great deal of time and money.

When you invest in a white label casino, you can expect to receive the following:

  • A license and documents
  • A casino platform
  • Gambling software
  • A server
  • Technical support

A fast start

The process of launching a fully independent casino can take up to a year. With a white label casino, however, you can get started in mere weeks. It all depends on how quickly you create and implement the design.

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Financial benefits

Investing in a white label casino requires far less of a financial commitment than buying a franchise. The money saved can instead be used to invest in areas such as marketing. Even a monthly white label fee still works out far more cost-effective than buying a franchise or going fully independent. The cost of having your own website built from scratch could set you back a tiny fortune. Then there are the casino games. If you were developing your online casino independently, you could expect to pay thousands of dollars for a selection of games from a single game provider. Many casinos offer a selection from multiple providers, such as:

  • Playtech
  • Novomatic
  • NetEnt and Top Game
  • Rival Gaming and RTG

Your own brand

While we’ve already mentioned this, it’s one of the main advantages and worth repeating. Many entrepreneurs have rejected the idea of buying a franchise because they didn’t like the idea of promoting someone else’s brand. However, by investing in a white label casino, you have the opportunity to develop your own brand and achieve success faster and cheaper than starting a business from scratch.

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