Why Is Hay Fever So Common In Modern Society?

The thrill of warmer weather and sunshine in the summer months brings a lot of excitement, but this can be tempered for some who have to deal with the hay fever the summer brings. The stinging eyes, sneezing and congested airways of hay fever dampens the enjoyment of being outside in the summer, but why is it that it’s such a common condition that affects so many in society?

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What is Hay Fever?

Hay fever, or seasonal allergic Rhinoconjunctivitis to use its medical name, is caused when the body produces allergic antibodies as a form of protection against proteins in tree and grass pollens. These antibodies sit in the immune cells and when more pollen is inhaled, the proteins cause the antibodies to release histamine which causes itching and sneezing. The reasons for this reaction from the immune system are unknown, but there are factors that can influence your likelihood of developing hay fever, including having asthma, a family history of the condition or being exposed to diesel exhaust particles or tobacco smoke early on in childhood.

What can cause it and how?

Research suggests that people who are surrounded by pollution such as cigarette smoke or car exhaust fumes could suffer more from allergies than people who live in the countryside. There are several ways this occurs. Firstly, ozone, nitrous oxide and Sulphur dioxide fumes all cause the respiratory tract to become more susceptible to allergens, so if you’re breathing in toxic air pollution, the hairs which keep the nasal cavity clear won’t work as efficiently. This means the allergens will linger in the nose for longer, having a bigger effect.

As cities become vaster and the number of cars on the roads increases, these allergens are more likely to be in the air we breathe. Studies have also shown that urban areas produce more potent pollen, as the chemicals in air pollution change the pollen grains, so they will trigger a strong reaction in hay fever sufferers.

Current Remedies

There are some natural remedies that are suggested like using Vitamin C as it supports the immune system. Vitamin A is also useful as it helps with the health of mucous membranes as they are typically inflamed when suffering from Hay Fever. Fortunately, enough, it is now possible to purchase tablets that can drastically reduce the symptoms of hay fever on a wide basis. You can visit a chemist online or in a pharmacy and after consultation you can acquire some relief for this widespread condition. The only thing we can do going forward, is to try and find ways to reduce the chance of these symptoms having a large effect on our lives.

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