Why You Need To Read the New Geiger Comic Series

Geiger Series Comics

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank have teamed up to create another great comic about the Atomic Cowboy. His real name and the name of the comics is Geiger. If the nuclear wasteland hero theme isn’t enough for you to start reading, there are plenty of other reasons why you need to check out this new series.

It’s Been in the Works for a While

The duo started planning this series while they were creating Doomsday Clock. In other words, this is a story that has had time to steep and let all the kinks get ironed out.

A Great Team Thought It Up

Johns thought up the idea of the Atomic Cowboy. He brought it up to Frank, and the two of them molded it into something incredible.

It’s a Creator-Owned Work

If you’re tired of superhero comics, you are not alone. Unfortunately, that’s what many of the company-owned pieces will be since that is what has always sold. However, creator-owned works, such as this, are fresh, and the writers have the ability to do with them as they wish. While these are both established creators, it is still crucial to support them in their quest to shake up the comic book scene. Plus, you can rest easy knowing your money is going towards them, not some company.

It Was Painstakingly Created

As already mentioned, the duo spent a lot of time on this comic. Johns worked hard to create the characters and story material. Frank spent his time taking this and turning it into art.

Geiger Series Comics

The Main Character Is Unique

In this story, the protagonist is sick. Plus, he is fixated on keeping his family alive inside their fallout shelter. Whether it’s his illness, treatment, or dedication to his family, the Atomic Cowboy can survive in the wasteland without a hazmat suit and helmet.

There Are Plenty of Supporting Characters

Whether you are looking for the nerdy physicist or wandering orphans, you will find exactly what you want in this story. In some cases, the supporting characters actually take up just as much of your heart as the protagonist does.

The Setting Is Well-Laid-Out

The scene starts with a wide-open, Wild West feel to it. Then, slap Las Vegas onto the map with the wear and tear that comes with nuclear war, and you have a creative, well-laid-out setting.

The Expressions Are Perfect

If you’re a fan of Frank’s work, you probably love the attention to detail he puts into character expressions. This piece is no different, and you can feel the expressions and attitudes of the characters. This makes the story flow perfectly and will leave you satisfied.

You Can Care About the Protagonist

Unlike some worn-down characters, you can actually care about the Atomic Cowboy. Despite his rough exterior, you can see his humanity shining through. That makes it easier to get into the story and feel like something is at stake.

This series is a recent release that you don’t want to miss. The team put enough effort into this story to make it perfectly satisfying for any reader.

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