Exploring Why Reading Is One Of Life’s Greatest Joys

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Too often we forget that reading is so much more than just a hobby–it’s an essential part of life that brings countless benefits–both tangible and intangible. It might make you wonder though–what could be so great about getting lost in the pages of a book? Let’s explore why reading is truly one of life’s greatest joys.

The power of education

Needless to say–reading allows us to learn about the world around us– not only through textbooks but also through literary works. It’s been said that “a reader lives a thousand lives before he dies” (George R.R. Martin);believe it or not–this quote holds true when considering that through reading we can experience different cultures-and even time periods as well as perspectives. As the saying goes–”knowledge is power”–so it’s no surprise that the University of Toronto has found a correlation between literacy rates and an individual’s overall success in life.

The power of escapism

Here’s what’s not talked about as often–that reading transports us into new worlds. If you think about some of your favorite books you’ll likely find they have taken you on incredible journeys–and all from the comfort of your own home! We tend to overlook the fact that reading can act as a much-needed reprieve from our daily stresses–providing us with an escape hatch into new realms–where (not surprisingly)anything is possible.

The power of emotional connections

Emotional connections might make you wonder about how we can form bonds with fictional characters in novels. By delving into their stories and experiences we develop empathy–as well as understanding for these characters–in most cases;essentially allowing them to become our friends. To support this statement–consider popular Walter Mosley books like “Devil in a Blue Dress” or “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey”. Readers have been known to develop strong emotional connections with the protagonists–Easy Rawlins and Ptolemy Grey.


The power of creativity

Not surprisingly–immersing ourselves in the written word can inspire our own creative processes. University of British Columbia researchers have found that reading fiction can enhance our creative thinking–and even help develop problem-solving skills; in other words–it’s no wonder many artists and writers are avid readers themselves! Reading allows us to explore new ideas, challenge our beliefs and even imagine different scenarios–all of which contribute to a well-rounded creative mind.

The power of community

The community aspect of reading–while surprising to some, is undeniably real–and it’s something that deserves more recognition. Reading has the power to bring people together from all walks of life– transcending barriers such as age and gender–and even cultural background. Through book clubs and online forums–as well as through simple and casual conversations with friends about a favorite novel–we can forge connections with others who share our passion for literature. As human beings we naturally crave connection and understanding; what better way to satisfy this craving than through the shared experience of immersing ourselves in a captivating story? These connections not only enrich our lives but also broaden our horizons by exposing us to diverse perspectives–as well as experiences found within the pages of the books we read together.

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