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Why Rolex Is The King Of Luxury Watches

Rolex watch Swiss watch

The whole world knows that Switzerland is the leading country for luxury watches. It is where the best elegant watches have been designed and made for generations. But among all the great Swiss brands, a Rolex Watch stands out from the rest. The design, materials, and craftsmanship of each Rolex continue to prove that it is the leader among timepieces.

“A Crown for Every Achievement” is their tagline, and every watch has the famous crown symbol. A crown represents power, victory, and honor. It speaks for the status and achievement of the one wearing it. To have a Rolex on your wrist shows that you are a leader that has the authority and only settles for the best. Let us take a look at how Rolex continues to dominate the luxury watch industry.

The Creation of a Rolex Watch

Rolex headquarters is responsible for the design and development of all the timepieces they produce. It is like the command center of all of the Rolex global operations. Rolex watch have three manufacturing sites through which the final assembly of each component is in the headquarters. It is also where the watch undergoes the final quality tests and control after complete assembly. The Geneva Plan-Les-Ouates site is the largest company site. It is where they make the cases and bracelets. It all starts with the preparation of the raw materials. Gold casting, machining, and polishing are the specializations of this site.

Rolex uses three tones for its 18ct gold alloys: yellow, white, and the exclusive Everose gold. Other raw materials used in cases and bracelets also undergo the same process. Another vital component of a watch is its movement. The watch movement is the heart of every watch. It is the powerhouse that keeps the eye and its other functions operating. The Bienne site is in charge of this crucial component. The site has more than 2,000 employees focused on manufacturing and assembly of hundred tiny and complicated parts of the watch movements. The highly skilled Rolex watchmakers assemble the components manually. The fourth site is the Geneva Chêne-Bourg. It is where they make and design the watch’s face and carefully set the gems in every watch. The four sites work cooperatively with each other to create Rolex’ excellent watches.

Rolex Signature Oyster Case

Rolex has over 500 registered patterns and has been the leading in the innovation of watches. The Oyster is the world’s very first waterproof wristwatch case. This signature case of Rolex watches is at least waterproof for about 100 meters, and the Rolex Deepsea models are up to a whopping 3,900 meters deep. This robust waterproof feature is possible with carefully designed and assembled components of each Rolex watch. The materials used for the case are either oyster steel, 18ct gold, or platinum. They seal the central part and machine the solid materials. Selected professional Rolex watch models have a crown guard on the side to tightly lock it into the middle case. 

Rolex watch oyster case

The Oyster case’s back has fluting characteristics, and only authorized Rolex watchmakers can open it with a unique tool. Rolex has Twinlock and Triplock crowns that ensure no water can enter the case. It has about ten parts and screws perfectly at the side of the case. The Cyclops lens magnifies the date of a Rolex watch, made of sapphire crystal, and has a double anti-reflective coating to make sure it is clear and readable. The bezel in Rolex watches is made to secure the sapphire crystal cover and has different functions for various models. It also has a fluted form that serves as a screw just like the case back, and only a Rolex exclusive tool can open it.

Rolex Supreme Professional Watch

Rolex has eight different professional watches, specifically designed for a specific sport. The Submariner collection is waterproof up to 300 meters and has a chroma light display for divers. The collection lives up to its goal. It is to create an easy-to-read watch to accompany those who love to explore the sea’s mysteries. The Cosmograph Daytona is a watch inspired by the world of motor racing. Its tachymetric bezel helps drivers measure their elapsed time and know their average speed. Another watch for sea explorers is the Rolex Sea-Dweller is an upgrade of the Submariner. Its waterproof capacity is up to 1,220 meters.

Rolex watch Sea Dweller

This collection came into existence in collaboration with professional divers to ensure that every design and functionality is what they need when diving in the deep sea. The GMT-Master II is for professionals traveling the globe with its functionality to show two time zones simultaneously. This function very well suits the professionals working in the airline industry. This functionality is the reason why it became the official timepiece of Pan American World Airways. The Yacht-Master collection is for those who are fond of sailing. It has a marine character and has a countdown function to precisely time the start of a sailing race. The Rolex Explorer is for mountaineers and scientists that ventures to places with extreme weather conditions. It has an extremely readable dial and a 24-hour hand for explorers to distinguish between day and night.

Final Thoughts

From design, manufacturing, functionality, and durability Rolex has been the golden standard of watches. It has the best features among the luxury watch brands. From its unique Oyster case, complicated watch movements, and robust materials, it always stands out. Rolex has maintained its reputation as the leading Swiss-made luxury watch.

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