10 Reasons Why You May Rush Into A Relationship

Relationships not only require a lot of effort, they require time to grow. But some people rush into relationships. Why? you may ask. We’re breaking down the top 10 reasons why people rush into relationships.

You feel pressured by others

I am sure we’ve all tried to be the amazing matchmaker for our friends or family members. If you like someone then why wouldn’t you, right? Being influenced by the advice and opinions of others is a big reason why you may end up rushing into a relationship that you are unsure about.

You feel like you’re missing out

All the cute Instagram couple photos, the Netflix movie dates, the cuddling—you want in on all the fun things that come with being in a relationship.

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Yes! You have finally found someone who is willing to take you on a shopping spree! Or maybe he/she has a gorgeous house with the best view for you to relax and enjoy. You are assured that whatever you want, you’ll get from this relationship. This sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Maybe, but don’t be shocked when the convenience of this relationship is no longer there and things start falling apart.

You are naïve

This one speaks for itself. When you are too trusting and easily influenced, you tend to just go with the flow and let things fall into place.

You are tired of being the third wheel

You begin to feel like a burden and become desperate to find someone who can tag along with you when you all go out. A double date sounds better than third wheelin’ it, right?

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You’re after lust instead of love

When you are desperate for physical intimacy, more often than not you’re hooking up with the wrong people. You’re attraction does not go beyond the bedroom, so there is no need to spend time building a deeper connection. Instead, you dive right into this “relationship.” With this type of relationship, it is only a matter of time before one of you gets bored.

You’ve suffered abandonment

Whether it’s from a friend, family or ex, being abandoned is one of the worst things to ever experience. It can cause you to cling to someone you don’t really know because they provide you with comfort. Instead of giving yourself time to see if the relationship is a good idea, you rush into it because it feels good to not be left high and dry.

You want to stop being asked, “Are you seriously still single?”

If you have not been asked this question at least once, you are probably one of the people who constantly ask it to others. It’s safe to say it’s an annoying and dreadful question.

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You think it will help you move on from your previous relationship

Well, let’s call it what it is—a rebound! Trust me, it does not work. It’s common to get in a relationship to help you forget about your heartbreak or loss, but you really need to give yourself time to heal from a previous relationship before you start investing in a new one.

This is a particularly important point to bear in mind if there were signs of emotional abuse in your last relationship. You don’t want to rush into another difficult partnership until you know exactly what you’re getting into and what you need to avoid.

The fear of being alone forever

Out of all the reasons, this is the most significant. We all know the popular twitter hashtag #foreveralone. This fear of being single forever causes many girls to be on a desperate hunt for love. They chose the first person that catches their attention. In this day and age, it seems like you’re doomed if you have not met someone by the time you’re 25. The idea that anyone is better than having no one is so not true!

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