Why Women Play Slots More Than Men According To Science

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Who do you expect to find or see when you walk into the casino? According to several studies, women play more slots than men. Some of these studies also found that over 60% of casino proceeds come from women who gamble.

So, why do women gamble, and why do they pick slots? It happens that slot games offer a handful of advantages that usually entice middle-aged ladies with a college education and a reliable income source.

Here are some other reasons why women play slots more than men:

Slots are easily accessible

Typically, slot games are attractive to new players thanks to their accessibility. When you walk into a casino, you don’t want to begin playing blackjack and poker, especially since you might not fully understand the rules; thus, feel intimidated.

That being said, you can play slot games without prior knowledge and win! Again, they are more accessible now, thanks to a wide range of online casinos. Click here to find out the top free slots in Canada.

Better returns

Slot games have better proceeds than table games. For instance, slots games offer 86% proceeds in some of the highest-earning casinos. Besides, the returns could be up to 90% for online casinos.

Moreover, slot games have better odds; thus, they are the most popular games among gamblers. Approximately 48% of the visitors to physical casinos play slots, and only 16% prefer blackjack. Again, only 6% chose to play poker.

Typically, men take more risks than women. Hence, female gamblers may be more enticed to play slot games as they have better odds and less risk involved.

Playing slot games reduce stress

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With better odds and less risk, playing slots games is rather relaxing. It`s a distraction that lets you forget about your stress for some time.

Besides, slot games come with minimal rules, easier to understand. Compared to blackjack and poker, you don’t have to learn any ropes before making a wager. Plus, there are no third-party players, letting you concentrate on the game itself.

You can easily play slots games at the casino or from the computer, and all you need is to press one button. Once you win, the wheel begins spinning and the lights flash, you, for a moment, forget about your worries and focus on the results.

Slot games come in many styles

With the wide array of slot games online and in the casinos, manufacturers and programmers usually design each game differently, the next one being more beautiful and enticing than the last. For instance, you can find slot machines with poker and blackjack slots and other themes.

So, depending on the casino you`re in, you could play slot games on machines designed based on your preferred TV series, movies, or characters. With this array of game themes, slot game machines come in multiple denominations. Again, slots games offer you the option of wagering pennies or dollars, thus making them more affordable.

This way, you can wager a small amount of cash without feeling guilty.

It`s exciting

Usually, people appreciate winning slots games more than table game-winning. If you`ve ever used a slot machine, you have seen how it flashes its lights, sounds, and bright colors when you win.

This positive and glorious feedback from the slot machines makes you feel appreciated and want to keep going.

Therefore, based on these advantages, you would think that all gamblers would prefer slot games over all other casino games. However, women play more slot games than men. Arguably the main reason why they play slots more than men is that they are less risky. Women don’t like risking as much as men; thus, slots are the most compatible casino games.

Men and women gamble differently

A study in the UK revealed that 51 % are female gamblers while the rest are men. Again, this study revealed that women prefer playing slots more than men. Women prefer games of chance like lotteries and slot games. On the other hand, men prefer games that require skills like poker and blackjack. Similarly, there are still women and men who like both gambling forms.

What`s more, men and women gamble differently. Women like gambling in groups while men enjoy doing it alone in physical casinos.


Back in the day, slots were utilized as money-spinners in the casino, though now they can make money for casinos. Yet, they function as variables to increase gambling`s popularity, ensuring a future for the gambling industry.

Every day, the number of gamblers increases, and the revolution of online slots, have promoted the slots ratios. Slots have become a vital position in the economy since they generate impressive proceeds.

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