Whaddya Think: Why Do Women Wear Makeup?

We all played in our mother’s makeup bag when we were younger, or perhaps we were one of the lucky ones who got our own kids’ makeup set. Now that we’re older, we have our own makeup bag filled with goodies to primp and prime our faces to look exactly how we want. There is no set reason as to why women wear makeup. From wanting to jazz up an outfit on a night out or to hide small blemishes, everyone’s reason is different. We turned to Faze readers to see why they like to wear makeup.

Lupita Nyong'o Bright Makeup“I wear makeup simply for the artistry of it. I don’t feel insecure about my looks without my makeup, but with it on I feel more like I am expressing my personal style. I love bright colours and bold jewellery, so I like to make a statement with my makeup as well. Red lipstick adds a zest to my day that nothing else can. Winged eyeliner accentuates the slant of my eyes and adds contrast to my face, and bronzer highlights my cheekbones and the colours of my skin. When I play up my best features, I feel like I’m presenting the best version of myself.” – Willow Curry, 19

Makeup Foundation“I am not into wearing heavy makeup, so on a daily basis I will simply wear concealer to cover minor imperfections. For more important events, like many other women, I enjoy boosting myself up through makeup. I believe it enhances our perception of ourselves and with that our confidence grows and is shown off to others. Makeup is used as a shield to cover our insecurities so I wear makeup to feel good about myself and have others see my confidence.” – Luisa Sotillo, 19

Brown Eye Makeup“I wear makeup not to hide what I don’t like, but to accentuate the features I do like about myself. Wearing makeup, for me, is a form of self-expression and great way to add pizzazz to an outfit.” – Adi Chazoom, 18

Kim Kardashian“I have a few reasons as to why I wear makeup. One of the reasons is that I feel my skin is not perfect enough for me to be able to just walk out the door with no foundation on! Another reason is I wear it mostly for when I go to work. Where I work there is almost a high standard to look good, especially because I am the first person people see when they walk through the door.” – Irene Suarez, 21

Makeup“I wear makeup because it makes me feel more confident. I feel fully dressed with makeup and I really do it for myself. It’s like an accessory; like a necklace or earrings that you can change every day.” – Kelly Phares, 18

Katy Perry Eyelashes“I wear makeup because it makes me feel pretty! I like being dressed up at times and that’s when I put it on. Sometimes I wish I had longer eyelashes so I put mascara on. It’s nice when people compliment you on how pretty you look!” – Sarah Nylen, 20

Now let’s turn the spotlight on you, why do you wear makeup? Let us know whaddya think @fazemagazine.

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