Why You Need Influencers When Marketing To Women

Marketing To Women
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There’s a gender gap in marketing. When it comes to buying power and household spending, women hold the purse strings.

With this kind of sway over what goes in their household’s shopping baskets, women are the unsurprising target of many ad campaigns. But old-fashioned TV commercials and e-blasts are less effective now that Canadians don’t trust traditional advertising. Brands looking to tap into this large audience should consider influencer marketing.

But how can you find influencers? That’s where a micro and nano influencer marketing company comes in. Working with a Canadian influencer agency can help you tap into this enormous market.

Not convinced yet? Here’s why updating your marketing strategy is critical today.

The Female Market: Women Hold the Purchasing Power

Right now, women make up roughly half of the world’s population. It’s no different in Canada, where women edge out their male counterparts by a smidge, accounting for 50.3% of the True North.

Despite this relatively even split of the population, women are responsible for a bigger share of the country’s purchasing decisions. They make up 60% of primary shoppers in Canada, spending about 456.6 billion USD annually.

In the US, they take an even greater cut, making a whopping 80% of purchasing decisions and spending 6.4 trillion USD.

Women Check Social Media Before Making a Purchase

With so much on the line, why would you take money from a traditional marketing campaign and give it to an influencer marketing platform? Women value the information they find on social media when researching products and services.

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, 86% of women check social media for purchasing advice. While their research might include checking in with friends or even your branded page, over half of women make purchases as a result of influencer marketing.

As an added bonus, women aren’t the only ones to trust content creators on social media. The Digital Marketing Institute also finds about 49% of all consumers rely on influencer recommendations, while 40% of consumers purchased something after seeing it on social media.

Why You Should Focus on Nano Influencers

Despite how important social media may factor into a woman’s buying decision, she’s going to be picky about the content she trusts.

Women can recognize a paid endorsement when they see it. Most will scroll right past a sponsored post if it doesn’t feel genuine. That means celebrities who get paid millions of dollars for one post aren’t worth your time or money — their recommendations don’t pass the muster.

A Canadian influencer agency works with micro and nano influencers to capitalize on authenticity. These content creators boast 50,000 or fewer followers. Nano influencers, in particular, have fewer than 10K!

While they may have smaller stats, they have a stronger connection with their followers. An emotional connection is important when it comes to marketing. People will trust their recommendations because these content creators are genuine, much like a friend or family member giving advice.

Nanos don’t partner with just any brand to make a few bucks; they join forces with brands that match their digital aesthetic and make posts that show their genuine thoughts on the product or service.

The Bottom Line

If you haven’t considered using social media to reach the biggest consumer demographic, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity. Reach out to a Canadian influencer agency to talk about your next move.

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