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Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Winter Indoor Entertainment Ideas

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Oh no, it’s that time of year again, isn’t it? The inglorious winter time is when you have to spend most of the day indoors and get highly creative to come up with a relatively new way to entertain yourself (and perhaps even the people around you). But worry not – we have prepared some ideas just for you.

Though it seems complicated, things happen to uncover themselves as soon as you scratch the surface. For instance, we will talk about the allure of digital gambling as one of our finest winter options. Should you wish to move on to that right away, check out more at to see the best online casinos in Canada. The list contains 20+ reputable websites, so you’ll have plenty to choose from. But there are other options, of course, and we’ll go through them in this blog post.

1. Board Game Tournaments

We start off slowly with a solution that probably comes to your mind every now and then. We don’t know a single person who doesn’t like them, so why not organize tournaments you’re your close friends or even family members? Some board games are suitable even for little kids.

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2. Poker Nights and Online Gambling

You probably noticed that we have a flair for gambling, which is indeed true. Online gambling and poker nights are our top picks in this field because they are so darn convenient. What’s best, you can do it both in a group or solo. Take a platform like RocketPlay casino to find the best poker rooms or some other games of your choice. You’ll get some nice bonuses along the way followed by a portfolio of payment methods. Of course, you always have the option to organize a poker night at home with your peers.

3. Virtual Museum Tours

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the Louvre or the British Museum, but didn’t really get the chance to do it? Well, virtual museum tours give you this option. You may not find such tours for smaller venues, but all the big names in the museum business offer a virtual tour that takes you through their renowned art collections.

4. Pet Training for Pet Owners

We thought of pet owners as well! If you’d like to strengthen the bond with your furry friends through pet training sessions, winter days give you the best opportunity to do so. For example, you can teach your puppy some new tricks to impress other people once the snow time is over.

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5. Arts and Crafts

If your artistic soul has always been your best kept secret, perhaps you could let it flourish during the winter. This one is pretty simple – you can try out painting, knitting, composing, DIY projects, or whatever you see fit.

6. Book Club

This must be one of our favorite sources of entertainment at any given moment. We love mixing the classical works of Shakespeare or Homer with newer authors because it gives us the pleasure of discovery. If you like books, too, joining a book club is a natural fit. What’s best, you get to meet people just like yourself and exchange opinions on the novels you read.

7. Escape Room Games

Some people really enjoy problem-solving games. If this is your cup of tea, escape rooms could suit you well. It’s an indoor activity, but it’s so dynamic that will make your heart beat faster.

8. DIY Home Décor Projects

If you can’t afford to visit Hawaii (which is tempting, if you ask us) you might as well engage in DIY home décor projects. For instance, transform your living space to add a more personal touch to your surroundings.

DIY home repair

9. Online Trivia Nights

This is another option for a night with friends or family. You can all test your knowledge on all sorts of topics, but that’s not the point. The real point is to create a lively and competitive atmosphere.

10. Language Learning

Make the most of indoor time by picking up a new language through online language courses, fostering mental stimulation and expanding your cultural awareness during the winter season.

11. Virtual Concerts and Live Performances

Immerse yourself in the world of music and entertainment by attending virtual concerts or live performances, experiencing the joy of artistic expression without leaving the warmth of your home.

12. Movie Marathons

We know this is a lazy option, but we all have to take some rest from time to time. Our suggestion is to turn these into themed movie marathons. Alternatively, you could explore a TV series you’ve never watched before.

TV Watching Night

13. Online Fitness Classes

Indoor exercises are yet another possibility. We suggest staying active during the winter through virtual fitness classes. Anything can do the trick:

  • High-intensity workouts
  •  Yoga
  •  Treadmill running (or should we say dreadmill)
  •  Swimming

14. DIY Spa Day

Pamper yourself with a DIY spa day at home, complete with facemasks, aromatherapy, and soothing music. Don’t know about you, but this helps us create a tranquil winter escape within the confines of our own space.

Take Your Pick and Have Fun

Wow, we bet this list was a true eye-opener for you, wasn’t it? With so many options to choose from, you can’t complain about not having enough indoor entertainment activities. Take your pick now and turn your pleasure to the maximum.

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